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West Hollywood Community Rallies Around MedMen Store License

June 3, 2019

People that live, work, and spend leisure time in the City of West Hollywood have expressed concern about the fact that MedMen and the three other existing cannabis dispensaries in the City will be forced to close their doors on December 31st, unless the City Council takes action.

All four cannabis dispensaries in West Hollywood have been lawfully participating in the City’s cannabis industry since at least 2004. These four businesses were pioneers in the legal marijuana industry, providing to patients in need in and around the West Hollywood Community for years and weathering the storms of federal government raids.

Last year, MedMen sought to set the gold standard for employers in the cannabis industry, negotiating the largest and strongest collective bargaining agreement for cannabis workers in the country. Organized under the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770, this agreement guarantees MedMen employees a living wage, full benefits, paid vacation and sick leave.

Shortly thereafter, the City of West Hollywood awarded its eight permanent adult-use retail business licenses. None of the existing four operators were awarded permanent licenses, jeopardizing their ability to stay open in an industry where they were pioneers and participants from the very beginning. These retailers will have to close on December 31st, unless the City Council takes action.

As the City Council considers whether to allow MedMen and the other three other existing dispensaries to keep doing business in the city they know and love, we would greatly appreciate your support. We urge you to join the West Hollywood community in advocating for our continued presence in WeHo and to help us keep our doors open.

Sign our ‘Save the Originals’ pledge card to let City Council know you support MedMen WeHo!

Read letters of support from local officials and other important stakeholders here.