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Opinion: Grant Adult Sales Licenses to the Four Current WeHo Cannabis Businesses

May 15, 2019

In a recent opinion piece for WEHOville, West Hollywood resident James Litz urged the city to allow the four longtime cannabis operators, including MedMen, to remain licensed in West Hollywood.

Litz writes, "It is my hope that the City of West Hollywood recognizes the arduous task of starting the first medical cannabis businesses in West Hollywood. They have paved the way for the recently approved expanded license program. All four, AAHS, Zen Healing, MedMen, and Patients and Caregivers Group should be allowed to stay in business here in their hometown. There is enough demand that all of the recent license recipients, and the longtime four operators, will survive and thrive."

Litz is a 39 year resident of West Hollywood and has been a public affairs and land use consultant for 25 years, serving on the Public Facilities board, Planning Commission, and on the board of directors of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he served on the board of Homestead Hospice, West Hollywood Community Alliance, and many task forces/working groups in West Hollywood.

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