The New Normal

A Short Film by

Spike Jonze

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Jesse Williams

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Welcome to the
New Normal

What has inspired the creators, the makers and disruptors will now inspire us all. The symbol of counterculture... is at long last, just culture.
Welcome to The New Normal
The New Normal set
The Story
Until Now
The New Normal begins with a story that needed telling. The story of American cannabis. How something as common as corn was relegated to back alleys. The story of unjust punishment. But most of all, the story of redemption.

On-set Photography by Samuel Trotter
Shooting the New Normal
Jesse Williams and Spike Jonze
It was important that we told an authentic story, and [Jonze] was the right person to do it.
– Adam Bierman, MedMen Co-Founder
Jesse Williams on set
The Voice
A Fearless
Actor and activist Jesse Williams used to be a history teacher. Unafraid to tell it like it is in EMBER Issue 04, he’s giving us all a lesson in why the New Normal is about so much more than legalizing marijuana.
Jesse Williams
Williams on EMBER Issue 04
I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm not scared of being the first in trying new things, and speaking truth to power.
– Jesse Williams for EMBER
The Making
An 80-Year
Putting nearly a century of prohibition in the past can’t happen overnight. But as we journey through the camera lens and into Jonze’s vision for change, we take an important step forward, together.

The Behind the Scenes

The New Normal is here.
The next step is up to you.

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