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March 18, 2019
Terpenes 411: Delta 3 Carene


In our Terpenes 411 column, we’ll be talking about terpenes, which are aromatic compounds found in every plant, including marijuana. Not only do they give our favorite strains their distinctive scents—they also play a major part in providing therapeutic effects. There are over 100 different terpenes in the cannabis plant, and while each has its own benefits, when they come together with THC, CBD, other terpenes, and our own biological makeup, they interact synergistically, resulting in what is known as The Entourage Effect. In this recurring feature, we’ll be delving into, and providing a full-fledged education, about this buzzword that you’ve likely been hearing about all over the place.

What Is Delta 3 Carene?

It may sound like the name of an alien planet in Star Trek, but Delta 3 carene is a terpene found in cannabis, as well as a variety of other plants. The next time you make yourself a meal with basil, bell pepper, or rosemary, know that you’re cooking with some delta 3 carene. This terpene is also found in cedar and pine trees, which accounts for its earthy, cedar-like scent. It can also possess a citrusy, lemon-esque flavor.

An interesting trait of Delta 3 Careneis its ability to dry out excess bodily fluids, like tears, mucus, sweat, and even menstrual blood. So, while this terpene is good if you have a runny nose, it is most likely the culprit behind the dry throat you sometimes get after smoking weed.

Delta 3 Carene has many different qualities that may be beneficial on both a mental and physiological level. For the brain, it helps to stimulate and improve memory, making it a terpene that may work in treating degenerative memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. As for physical perks, delta 3 carene can relieve inflammation related to arthritis or fibromyalgia. It also plays a major role in boosting bone health, subsequently benefitting people with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or other bone diseases.

Curious about trying this memory-stimulating terpene? Check out cannabis strains like Super Lemon Haze and Skunk #1, which both contain Delta 3 Carene, at your nearest MedMen marijuana dispensary.

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