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July 23, 2019
Strain Spotlight: Lola Lola Trance


We’re living in stressful times, which means that once in a while, it’s nice to pick up some bud that will transport you to another world. You know, the type that will allow you to feel like you can zone out on a level you’ve never experienced and truly escape from reality. When the moment calls for a deeply relaxing strain, it’s best to skip the sativas and go something like Lola Lola’s Trance, a powerful indica that will produce an utmost hypnotizing high.

Lola Lola Trance
A masterful collaboration between Lola Lola and Nasha Extracts, Trance is a supreme mix of the finest indica strains. Pack a spacesuit—Nasha, known for its high quality hash extracts, combined Girl Scout Cookies, Black Lime, and Mendo Breath with the flower strains Gelato, Skywalker OG, Do-Si-Dos, and Purple Punch to create this high-THC indica that’s guaranteed to take you to another world.

Effects of Lola Lola Trance
Because this blend contains an extremely high hash-to-flower ratio, Trance is not for the casual cannabis user. We’re talking upwards of 30% THC. Frankly speaking, if you had a lot to do today, forget about it. You’ll be traveling through space and time with Trance, so let go of all your worries, free your mind, and welcome this potent indica with open arms.

Head to your nearest MedMen cannabis retailer to pick up a pack of Trance pre-rolls from Lola Lola. 

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