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August 05, 2019
Strain Spotlight: Desert Grown Farms Venom OG


If you’re experienced with cannabis, a potent indica probably won’t intimidate you. But let’s say you’re a beginner whose starting to get up to speed—maybe you haven’t waded into heavier indicas, but you’re ready to take the dive. In your ongoing quest for the best cannabis strain around, try Venom OG. The Desert Grown Farms strain, available at Nevada-based MedMen retailers, is in a class of its own. It’s the type of indica that requires you to clear your schedule and let go of any expectations or responsibilities you have for the evening. Venom OG is the answer for those looking to find a truly euphoric body high. Seriously, this indica will have you in-da-couch.

Venom OG Strain

This award-winning strain from Desert Grown Farms, one of the cannabis growers in the Las Vegas area and a cultivation facility run by Armen Yemenidjian’s Essence Cannabis Dispensary, has an aromatic profile consisting of citrus and pine scents, brought on by the presence of the terpenes: myrcene and nerolidol. The latter terp may also contribute to the strain’s sedative effects. You can look forward to a deep, relaxing sleep when smoking this strain.

Be warned: The highly potent Venom OG might stir up intense munchies before knocking you off your feet. Make sure you have your snacks ready—you might find yourself invoking Liz Lemon and “working on your night cheese” when you enjoy this nighttime-friendly indica. The high THC percentage in the strain can help those dealing with chronic pain, as well as stress and anxiety. Let Venom OG melt any and all of your aches, insomnia, and mental troubles away.

Head to your nearest MedMen cannabis retailer in Nevada to pick up Desert Grown Farms’ Venom OG.

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