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February 28, 2020
Stoned Sex Diary: The High-End Adult Club Owner Who Loves a Shared Joint

We all know cannabis and sex go together but how do real people use it in the bedroom? Meet Daniel, the founder of a member’s only cannabis and sex club. While he runs the place, sometimes he gets to play too. Daniel identifies as bisexual and poly. Read on to hear about one memorable night.


My club came from my wish to combine two things I’m passionate about: ingesting cannabis regularly and having sex every day, if possible. I love mixing the two together because I believe in celebrating both, instead of treating it like it’s something shameful. 

Cannabis is a big reason why my club has been able to attract such a sense of community. It brings an emotional aspect into the experience and this connection is what keeps people coming back. We use a luxurious space in downtown Manhattan and it’s filled with plenty of pillows, beds, and other accessories, all soaked in red lighting. We want to make sure it’s a safe space so we provide lubricants and condoms. Everything is meticulously set up and cleaned, both before and after each event. 

Our dress code is all-black and my signature look includes a black kilt, harness and fun bunny ears. Everyone shows up in their kinky New York best and I like to set an example. 

Before you combine cannabis and sex, you need to choose the right strain. I like an uplifting sativa — it can act as an aphrodisiac. I make sure to smoke just enough to feel euphoric and enhance my own play while keeping my head straight. I am at work, after all! And I make it a point to always share with friends and lovers throughout the night.

Recently, it was a slow night at the club, with only about forty members. It’s a great time for me because I have more freedom to play. Two of my partners were already in the house and I could see them getting comfortable with another couple in our main bedroom. The couple was new to the club — they were in their mid 20s, from out of town, and looking for some fun.

The newbies were a guy and a girl. He was tall and wore a pair of leather shorts while she wore a corset. He noticed me checking him out and asked if I ever played at these things. I was definitely attracted. 

The girlfriend grabbed him by the collar around his neck and gave her boyfriend a push forward. Suddenly the outfits made sense: they liked playing submissive and dominant. I took this moment to light my first joint and I could tell he was interested in a hit. I blew smoke into his face and he inhaled. Afterwards they went to get a drink and I continued to mingle within the space. 

An hour later, I could see the submissive/dominant performance had run its course. As I watched my two partners and the new couple finding themselves getting closer, I thought about how nice it would be to find myself in the middle of the action. I rolled up another joint with my favorite strain, Blue Dream, and made my way closer to the group. 

I felt tingly all over from the first pre-roll and when asked if they wanted company, the group welcomed me. To make it more interesting, I lit another tightly wound joint and we passed it around, alternating between inhaling and kissing. You could feel the shared high between us all thanks to both the sexual tension and the cannabis. We decided to move to the bed so we could undress and explore each other. 

The woman who was playing dom barked orders at myself and her sub. But before we began, I made sure to get permission from the sub. Once he nodded, I repositioned myself on the bed. Stoner problem: I had dry mouth so I had to get things started in a different way. I grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and put a generous amount in my palm. Clapping my hands together, I moved towards my new friend and spread it on him.

I was interrupted by his partner — she wanted a kiss and I happily obliged, which excited him even more. She and I go down on him, alternating to his delight. It’s aggressive, which is how we like it, and she controls the pace. She gives him permission to finish and we end our time together. I say thank you and I leave the group to their own devices. 

As the night winds down, I give the happy couple a smile as they leave. I know I’ll be seeing them again. Eventually everyone trickles out and I see the sun rise. I take a few hits from an indica joint and head home to get some sleep after a successful and satisfying night.  

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