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August 31, 2020
We Tried This: PAX Era Pro and Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Pods

Photo courtesy of PAX

People love PAX devices and concentrate fans love Raw Garden. It’s easy to see why — they’re both brands who put time behind research and innovation. It’s nerdy but it’s also not so technical that newbies are put off. Using and enjoying them are intuitive experiences for experienced and novice cannabis consumers alike.

Earlier this year PAX released their PAX Era Pro device, a smarter vape pen that has a few new features including PodID and ExpertTemp. PodID is compatible with new PAX Era Pods that have a little red ring at the bottom. What’s it good for? Well, it offers up a wealth of information including terpene profile and safety information. As far as ExperTemp goes, you can always set the device to the brand’s recommended settings but if you’re the type to fiddle around with the heat, it’ll let you have more control over that. Also in the latest iteration is dose control with haptic feedback — you not only can feel it vibrate when you’ve consumed one dose, you can also watch the percentage go up to 100% as you inhale. 

Of course, there’s a tiny quibble: due to Apple banning all vaping related apps, the PAX app is unfortunately not available if you own an iPhone. But the brand does have a desktop app as a workaround in the meantime.

We gave seven PAX fans the new device to test out and paired them with three Raw Garden PAX Era refined live resin pods in indica, sativa, and hybrid. Raw Garden, for those unfamiliar, is a beloved concentrates brand known for their superior flavor and potency. Read on to hear their unfiltered reviews.

It Saved Me From Losing a Night’s Sleep

Being a PAX user, I’ve used their devices in the past and I was looking forward to trying out their latest addition. I know it’s more expensive than their normal battery but I’m comfortable paying a premium for items from brands that I’m familiar with and enjoy. 

As far as the new PodID feature goes, I make it a point to only buy products from legitimate producers and I tend to be brand and strain loyal, so I didn’t explore it extensively this time around. I do think if I were trying completely unfamiliar products, the feature would be helpful to double check quality and also give me a better sense of the strain, blend, and potency. My only frustration is that I’m an iOS user and using the workaround isn’t as convenient as an app. I’m not always near an actual computer to finesse my temperature and dosage settings. I realize that’s out of their hands though. 

I tried the new device with the Raw Garden refined live resin pods and it was my first time consuming Raw Garden products. I learned a little about the brand through a friend so I knew it was more potent than your average cartridge. Of the three I tried, the indica was my favorite. Being that it’s more potent, the dose control feature was a nice way to track how much I consumed. I definitely needed less than I normally would and I noticed the flavor was better. 

The indica came in especially handy one night when I woke up at 2 a.m. I tend to struggle with insomnia, maybe it’s tied to anxiety? But I took a single dose of the Raw Garden indica hybrid, watched a little television, and fell back asleep, thus not ruining my productivity the next day. — Jason

It’s a Big Part of My Evening Plans

The first time I tried a PAX was when my friend took his PAX 3 out to vape flower. Flower tends to get me a bit too high and I prefer cartridges so I was definitely curious about this new device. It’s so discreet, slim, and well-designed which I greatly appreciate. Aesthetics aside,  I LOVED the PodID feature — it’s amazing. When I first opened up my boxes of Raw Garden pods, I was nervous I’d confuse them since they all look the same. I actually labeled them with permanent marker!

But then I logged on to the desktop/laptop app and it was so awesome to see the information listed for each pod. You could even see it changing in real time as I swapped them! Before I got this PAX device I was using a cheap battery from a tobacco store so this is a definite upgrade. I’d gladly pay extra for the PodID feature as well as the temperature settings — I’m not one to really fiddle with the settings so it’s much easier to have something that does the work for me.

Although it was my first time consuming refined live resin, I didn’t think it was super potent and I was able to enjoy it slowly throughout the evening (I don’t consume during the day). I’d take a hit while at a neighbor’s or before going to an outdoor restaurant, Of course, I also used it on the couch while binge watching Jersey Shore. I loved all the Raw Garden pods but if I had to choose I’d say the hybrid was my favorite but a close second was the sativa. They were so smooth and the flavor was great — it tasted so much more refined than my usual cartridges and you notice all the terpene notes. It was such a chill way to end my day. I definitely recommend it! — Sarah

It Made My First Concentrate Experience Really Pleasant

I already own a PAX Era pen and I really like how convenient the pods were so I wanted to test out this new device. The first thing I did was try the PodID feature out on my laptop and it was so cool. It was really easy to connect the pen to my computer and see how the desktop app would recognize what pod was in the device. Even though I don’t typically pay much attention to the terpene profile or take the time to look up the testing info, I thought it was a helpful feature. I do wish it was an iOS app, but unfortunately that’s not available at the moment.

Before I tried the Raw Garden refined live resin pods, I stayed away from concentrates for fear it was too strong for me. But I was pleasantly surprised! It also helped that the PodID helped me control my dosage so I never over consumed. That said, I needed less to feel the effects. 

Of the three, the hybrid was my favorite. It wasn’t overpowering and the flavor was nice — you definitely noticed the terpene profiles. That’s where the PodID also came in handy since it listed the different terpenes so I could distinguish between them more clearly. After a long day of work, the hybrid was what I needed to unwind but I also reached for the indica as well. That was more for walking the dog right before bedtime. — Rachel

It Was Key For My Insomnia

Having owned the original pen, I’m a fan of the variety of the pods offered and how sleek they look. I played around with the PodID feature and it was cool but not really something I needed to use often. When it came to the temperature feature, I found that the recommended setting actually worked the best. Whenever I set it below, the pen didn’t pull quite as well and anything too high caused a slight burn when inhaled. That’s when I wish I had an iOS phone app versus the desktop — if I wasn’t near a computer I wouldn’t be able to readjust my settings.

In the past I’ve tried refined live resin pens and I’m into the higher potency for nighttime use. Of the three Raw Garden refined live resin pods, I liked the indica the best as I’ve been having trouble sleeping. The terpenes really come through with this concentrate and I like that distinction because flavor is something I pay attention to. I’d take a few hits at night while on the couch and it seemed to help me fall and stay asleep. — Will

It Was Our Vacation Go-To

We’ve had the PAX 2 for years and added the PAX Era to our collection when it came out. As both flower and concentrate users, we’ve always loved the brand’s innovative technology. Of the new features in the PAX Era Pro, we loved the ExpertTemp feature. We’d log in to make sure we were always aligned with the recommended setting. Plus, it’s a nice troubleshoot when you can’t remember which pod is which.

That said, given the current issues with iOS, it’s a bummer not to have the app on our phone. It’s a device we like to take on the go so it’s hard to take advantage of the features if you don’t happen to be near a computer. If you’re a frequent user who likes to switch up your pods, then you’ll definitely want to spring for the PAX Era Pro but if you’re looking for something quick and easy, you can stick to the original PAX Era. Of course, if this app issue does resolve, then I think the Pax Era Pro will be a fan favorite for sure.

We brought our device on vacation with us along with the Raw Garden refined live resin pods. It’s not our first refined live resin experience as we prefer it to other concentrates because it has a little more oomph than your average oil. We’re also big fans of Raw Garden — it’s always an incredible product with pleasing flavors. Given their potency, we stuck to a single dose that we set on the web app and it was perfect.

While we usually stay away from sativas (we’re not into strong head highs), we actually found the sativa pod to be our favorite. It was just right — uplifting without any residual anxiety. It was great for relaxing in the sun and swimming. And then we’d switch over to the indica at night. A few hits, a card game, and we were ready to wind down — Julian and Daniel

It Convinced Me to Switch From Flower to Live Resin, Temporarily

Before moving to California, I used an inexpensive vape battery but once I had access to flower, I switched over to the PAX 3. Every night, I’d pack it with flower and take a few hits before bed. It’s a pretty expensive device and not exactly the most discreet so when the new PAX Era Pro came out and I had a chance to try it, it was definitely really interesting.

The first thing I did was watch all of the instructional videos and read through the pdf, because I’m the kind of person who does that. I even looked up other YouTube videos to get a better sense of the product. Afterwards, I plugged in my device and began fiddling around with the features. PodID was really helpful since I opened up all my pods and I forgot which one was which. I glanced at the safety and terpene info but I was more interested in setting the temperature and dosage. I wound up using their recommended dosage — they really did know what was best for the product.

Being a frequent flower smoker, I never ventured into concentrates until now. The Raw Garden pods were a really nice experience. Of the three, I liked the sativa best since I’m the kind of person who can consume sativa and still fall asleep. It was smooth and the flavor profile really came through — it was like very fancy, refined weed flavors at their peak. I’d compare it to the sense you get when you eat a perfect summer tomato, it’s the ultimate expression of what a plant should be.

That said, my only issue was the inconvenience of having to go to my computer to access the app. Since it’s so discreet, I’d like to take it with me but I’d have to make sure to double check I have the right pod and settings before I leave the house. I really hope that iOS issue gets resolved! — Chris

 PAX ERA Pro, $70, shop here. Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Pods, $45, shop here.

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