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January 08, 2020
Cannabis For Weight Loss Can Really Work


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Here’s a surprising fact: You won't always get the munchies if you consume cannabis. Yes, they exist but not every user becomes a ravenous junk food obsessive who will go through dramatic journeys to satisfy high-induced cravings. In fact, the plant has actually helped some people lose weight. It sounds counterintuitive but there’s scientific and anecdotal data to back it up. Curious? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Science Says

Back in 2011, results from two national surveys found “that despite the evidence that cannabis [consumption] stimulates appetite in clinical trials and laboratory studies, users are actually less likely to be obese than nonusers.” That surprising fact was confirmed in a longer, three-year study published in 2019. But why does that happen? A 2018 study theorizes that you’re actually storing less fat and burning more calories in the long run when you regularly use cannabis. While you might be eating more, your metabolism is also getting a boost.

But It’s Not Just Metabolism

It’s not simply a matter of your body breaking down what you’re eating faster. According to Joseph J. Sabia, a professor at the University of San Diego, people who use cannabis usually also drink less, which means their overall caloric intake is lower. Plus, the plant reduces stress levels, aids in better, more restful sleep, and relieves bodily pain. These are all things that have been known to help with weight loss. You not only feel better, you’re also going to have the extra energy to start and stick to an exercise plan.

So, What Strains Are Best?

Certified personal trainer Jessica Gerlock lost over 100 pounds while smoking and found that sativa strains were the best for focus and energy. She used cannabis to help moderate her eating, before workouts for a boost, and after hard exercise, as a recovery tool. If you’re interested, popular ones include Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, and Super Sour Diesel. And while you may already be familiar with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, get to know to THCV — it shows promise when it comes to controlling your appetite. You’ll find it in Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, and Level Blends Stimulate THCV tablinguals.

Should I Try It?

Cannabis isn’t a miracle cure-all like those sneaky infomercials that advertise a magical pill that promise weight loss with no effort. You’re going to have to exercise, adopt a healthy diet, sleep better and reduce your stress. Still, it’s could be a smart addition to a wellness plan.

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