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August 18, 2020
Strain Spotlight: Kush Mints


Photo courtesy of Ember Valley

Is it possible to have an indica-leaning strain that also gives you potent cerebral stimulation and a full body high without leaving you glued to your couch? It might sound like a myth but it does exist. If this combination sounds appealing to you and you’re looking for a high potency THC strain, you’ll want to try Kush Mints. Grown by Ember Valley, this flower is considered by experienced smokers to be an ideal “all-day indica”. If that’s your vibe, read on to learn more about the strain.

What kind of high should I expect?

Although the lineage may be indica leaning, this powerhouse of a strain comes from a long lineage of sativa-leaning flower. Originally bred by the famous company Seed Junky Genetics. Kush Mints can count well-known hybrids and sativas like Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, and Durban Poison as a part of its genetics. With those strains in mind, you can expect a full body high balanced with potent cerebral stimulation as batches tend to test in the high 20s in terms of THC percentage. 

What are the terpenes and what are they good for?

The most prominent terpenes in this strain are limonene, linalool and caryophyllene. Linalool is found in lavender and has been used for centuries as an aromatherapy tool for relaxation so expect to feel your tension melt away. Limonene, which is normally found in citrus peels, has been shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Lastly, caryophyllene is a common cannabis terpene that has spicy black pepper notes and can also be found in rosemary, cloves and hops. Limited studies conducted have shown this terpene may be helpful in providing mild pain relief and easing of inflammation. 

So what should I use this strain for?

This strain is best used by experienced smokers looking for “all-day” indica. It’ll give you the euphoric body high you’re looking for without planting you on the couch. When it comes time to wind down though, you can be certain this strain will help you fall and stay asleep.

What do reviewers love about it?

Besides its potent cannabinoid and diverse terpene profiles, connoisseurs will appreciate seeing a perfect expression of this famous Seed Junky strain grown by our friends at Ember Valley. Each jar is put through meticulous quality control assuring a remarkably pristine product for the end user. 

Effect wise, users report that it offers up a happy and potent high so it’s an instant mood booster. They love how it relaxes the body and also they’re big fans of the unique taste of the strain as it’s citrusy with a hint of mint like its name implies.

What are the downsides?

The downside for some will always be the upside to others. This strain is not for someone without some tolerance to THC. Batches consistently testing in the mid to upper 20’s or higher means this is a very potent strain of cannabis. High THC can result in increased appetite and dry mouth.

Interested in trying out Ember Valley Kush Mints? Buy it here: Ember Valley Kush Mints, $60

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