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May 11, 2020
We Tried This: dosist thc plus

You’ve seen dosist before — they’re known for their sleekly designed pens that vibrate when you’ve inhaled one dose. But for some, the strength of their product wasn’t enough. They needed to take a few inhales before they felt anything. And for those users, the brand decided to come out with a new product. It’s called thc-plus. Like the original formula, each 3-second hit contains 2.5mg of THC but unlike the original, this version is higher in potency. That means while you’re technically consuming the same amount of cannabis, the strength in each is higher and you’ll feel the effects faster without the need to consume more.

The new, stronger line has three effects: Bliss, Relax, and Arouse. Do they live up to their names? Are they better than the original? We had 7 people test them out, with varying degrees of cannabis tolerance and experience. Read on for their unfiltered reviews.

It Converted a dosist Newbie

I’m new to dosist: I’ve always loved their packaging but since I heard their products were meant for new cannabis users, I worried it was too low dosage for me as someone who smokes 3-4 times a week. Vapes are usually my go-to if I’m not in a group setting so I was excited to try this new product. 

Out of the three, bliss was my favorite hands down — it has a fun, giggly effect that kicks in quickly and it won’t knock you out. It’s a great choice for daytime or social use. It made me feel at ease, especially after a long day of working from home. Relax didn’t really stand out to me and Arouse unfortunately was too potent and head high inducing for me. If you’re a fan of sativas, you’ll like Arouse but it wasn’t right for me.

Whenever we can go out again, I’d throw this in my bag to use. It’s super convenient and the effect is great for people who are somewhat new to cannabis. It’s a nice high without feeling like it’s too much. — Rachel

It Suits Edibles and Flower Devotees Alike

The first time I saw a dosist pen was when a colleague slipped one into the palm of my hand before a very fancy fashion party. She told me she’d take a few hits before these events to calm her nerves — no matter how established she was, she still felt apprehensive. It was the original Bliss formula and because I was so inexperienced, I only took one hit so I didn’t feel anything.

Fast forward to a few months later and I tried dosist again — this time the Calm pen. Despite my low tolerance, I needed several inhales before I felt the effect. So when this new version came out, I was curious: As a person who usually consumes edibles or tincture a few times a week, would this be too much for me? Would it be too little for my husband who’d normally hit his Pax 3 filled with flower every evening?

Well, we both agreed we really liked the three pens but we had different favorites. One to two hits of Bliss was perfect for me (until my husband accidentally washed the pen in the laundry, thereby breaking it so check your pockets!). It was giggly and the perfect accompaniment to back-to-back Terrace House episodes. My husband’s favorite was Arouse — the sativa suited his smoking style whereas I steered away since I tend to have anxiety issues. We both loved Relax before bed but I think I took one too many hits and some crazy dreams. Once I limited myself, they went away.

Depending on your needs, I’d say Bliss and Relax are better suited for beginners or moderate users with lower tolerance whereas Arouse is better for someone more familiar with sativas and their effects. — Diana

It Makes Evening Walks Even More Calming

We typically skip the end-of-day glass of wine in favor of a pre-roll or a vape so we consider ourselves pretty frequent users and we’re familiar with dosist. The original one wasn’t quite potent for us, we had to multiple hits before we felt anything. It was frustrating since we’d go through our 200 dose pen quicker than we’d like so this new model sounded perfect for us.

Of the three, Bliss was our favorite —1 to 2 hits was enough to feel an impact without being overwhelming. We took it out before for a walk and it was also something we’d reach for in the evening. Sativas don’t really interact well with us so Arouse gave us some jitters, which is good to note if you also have had that same experience in the past. Relax lived up to its promise but if we had to choose one to recommend, Bliss is definitely a favorite for beginners and experienced users alike. — Julian and Daniel

It Helped Fix a Strange Quarantine Sleep Schedule

For the last two years I’ve been using dosist. I love its simple design and I’d toss it into my clutch for nights out since it’s inconspicuous and elegant looking. I call myself a moderate cannabis user so as my tolerance has grown, I find myself taking more hits from the regular pens — I definitely wanted something stronger. Between the three, it was a tie between Relax and Bliss as my favorites, with Bliss being more fun and relaxing while Relax let me wind down and fall asleep. Arouse wasn’t quite right for me since I didn’t feel its effects.

Since quarantine started I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. Using Relax before bed made a big difference. Once we can socialize again, Bliss would be fun for group settings. I’d definitely recommend this to a friend who’s a little more experienced with cannabis. — Amanda

It’s Great With Dinner and a Movie

I’m an experienced cannabis user and I’ve tried the original dosist pens many times but the potency was never enough for me. So I was excited to hear about this new product. Of all three, Relax was my favorite — I felt it more than the others. My body loosened up after a few doses as I sat on the couch to watch a movie with my dinner. Since I often smoke sativas, Bliss didn’t really make sense with my tolerance level: I felt happy but it was on the milder side. Arouse gave me a cozy feeling, not true arousal per se. This is definitely something that’s great for the adventurous beginner who wants to experience cannabis, without getting too high. — Rob

dosist thc plus 100 dose pen, $36, shop here.

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