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May 29, 2019
CBD vs THC: Which Is Better for Sex?


Cannabis and sex have always been, for lack of a better term, ideal bedfellows. As far back as 2700 BCE, when—according to legend—the Chinese emperor Shen Nung discovered the plant’s healing properties, it’s played a role in human sexuality, notably in ancient India, where it was used during Tantric ritual. In the 20th century, pop culture openly embraced cannabis as a key component of a satisfying sex life—remember when the title protagonist in Annie Hallsmoked a pre-sex joint to help her relax? Fast forward to today and you find even more evidence: A number of recent studies have shown that cannabis can increase sexual pleasure for two-thirds of users. Having said all that, you’re probably wondering which route to take. Indica? Sativa? Edibles? Flower? As any cannabis user—seasoned vetern and wide-eyed rookie—can tell you, not everything is created equal, so let’s get down to brass tacks and start with the basics. When it comes to sex, what’s your best bet: CBD or THC?

CBD vs. THC for Sex: What's the Difference?

Ashley Manta, sex educator, relationship coach, and creator of CannaSexual, says cannabis is a great tool because it helps address certain things that get in the way of pleasure, connection, and intimacy. “If you have chronic pain or have pain with penetration, you can intentionally employ cannabis to alleviate that discomfort,” Manta explains. “If you're stuck in your head and experiencing a lot of stress in life, or with your job, or anything else, you can use cannabis to help settle your mind a little bit and get more into your body so that you can be more present with your partner.”

Now, when it comes to whether CBD or THC is better, it depends first on the desired effect. THC, of course, is psychoactive, so if you’re intent on feeling high during sex, it’s ideal. On the other hand, CBD will not result in a high since it does not contain any psychoactive properties, but it can still help a person relax and alleviate pain. It’s all based on your individual needs and desires, and it can really differ from person to person.

According to Manta, it all comes down to the method of consumption, so whether you choose to smoke, ingest edibles, or use topicals, the effect it has tends to vary. Manta says her first choice for sex is THC, and specifically topicals. “Foria Pleasure is my go-to cannabis topical for people with vulvas for sex that incorporates cannabis. It was my first foray into sex and cannabis and helped alleviate pain with penetration and increase pleasurable sensations” she says.

If you opt for vaping or smoking, Manta suggests a 1:1 product, aka something with equal amounts of CBD and THC. This is especially beneficial for those who are worried about feeling too high during sex. “That's the thing that I hear most often from people who come to me because they want to incorporate cannabis into their sex lives,” Manta explains. “They're afraid of getting too high, perhaps because they've had bad experiences in the past or don't have the time to devote to being high for hours. So the more they're able to have a balanced experience, the more they seem to enjoy it.”

Whether you’re looking to use cannabis for a stoned sex sesh, get help with pain, or just want a little something that will help you relax with your partner, you can find the perfect pre-sex cannabis supplies you need. Shop MedMen now for Foria’s THC-infused lubricant, Pleasure, or if you’re looking for a more balanced product, try one of Care By Design‘s 1:1 vape cartridges.

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