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February 12, 2020
Your Sex Life Could Use Some Weed


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Thinking about adding cannabis to your sex life? At a recent panel hosted by Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche (known for her weed-inspired collections of pave diamond pieces) a group of intimacy experts-slash-cannabis advocates including Liz Goldwyn, Lizzy Jeff and Ashley Manta, sat down to talk about just that. 

"Everyone has their own personal experience with cannabis,” says Aiche, a longtime advocate of legalization.“Its properties are incredibly powerful — your emotions are enhanced and your senses are heightened. When you’re in the mood, it’s the ultimate aphrodisiac. Your sensuality intensifies and it’s time to tune in.”

“It can be used to enhance sensation, ease discomfort, and promote intimacy during solo or partnered play,” says Manta, an award-winning sex educator coach, and founder of CannaSexual  - a series of educational workshops on how cannabis can be used to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. “It can also help enrich conversations and diffuse tension during difficult discussions.”

Here, their top tips on how to incorporate cannabis into any intimate encounter.

Try It On Your Own First

“Don't rely on the indica or sativa designation to predict the effects. Your body chemistry, tolerance, mindset, and the setting can all impact how a particular product hits you, not to mention the cannabinoid and terpene profiles,” advises Manta. “It's great to keep a running log of how different products affect you during masturbation.” Remember with edibles it's especially important to start low and go slow. Try the WYLD Peach 2:1 CBD Gummies which contain 10mg CBD and 5mg THC to start. If you're going to take more, be sure to wait a full two hours otherwise date night might become nap time.

Negotiate Before You Medicate

“Consent is crucial, especially when interacting with potentially intoxicating products,” says Manta. “Have a conversation with your partner about what you want to co-create together, any boundaries or limits, what kinds of cannabis products you'd like to bring into your space, and how to communicate when you're ready to bring the experience to a close." Manta also suggests having a plan if you happen to over-consume or have an adverse reaction up front. It’s also smart to to debrief afterwards about what worked and you liked. “That’s a great practice to have whether or not you are using cannabis,” adds Goldwyn, founder of The Sex Ed, a digital platform that explores sex, health, and consciousness. “The more communication you have at the outset, the better it is to provide a safer space for your freak flag fly.”

Love Yourself

“Cannabis allows me to explore my sensuality,” says Jeff, founder of Zen & Kush, a bi-monthly cannabis event in Los Angeles. “It gives me permission to tap into my body, to love my body, to see myself as beautiful.” One of her favorite products is Foria Pleasure, a THC-infused oil that enhances sensation and increases orgasmic potential by bringing more blood flow to the pelvic area. “It’s great for both solo and partner play. Even if your partner goes down on you they won’t get high.” Manta also recommends the brand’s Relief suppositories which help relieve discomfort, with minimal psychoactive effects. “That said, sex should never hurt. If it hurts you’re doing it wrong,” she says. “But what I love about using cannabis is that it reduces discomfort without numbing.” Goldwyn adds, “It’s especially helpful for vaginismus, the involuntary contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor and a side effect of menopause.”

Tap Into Its Aphrodisiac Power 

Create rituals with tinctures, oils, and the flower itself. “When you roll up your flower there’s nothing sexier than adding a sprinkle of organic rose petals, lavender and a touch of damiana, an ancient aphrodisiac, to take you to the next level,” says Jeff, who namechecks Champagne and Blackberry Kush for the ultimate sex goddess vibe. “It really activates our womb space, our sensuality and creativity.” Jeff also loves to carry around a scented oil infused with cannabis and other essential oils, and a rose quartz crystal, a stone that attracts and supports unconditional love. 

You Don’t Need to Go All the Way 

Intimacy doesn’t have to mean sex — it could be as simple as looking someone in the eye or tapping into the power of touch. “Don’t think of it as being goal based,” says Goldwyn. “It doesn’t have to involve an orgasm or even penetration.” Instead, make an evening of it. Light some candles, put on a seductive playlist, and draw your partner an infused bath followed by a massage with a THC or CBD body oil. “It’s a great way to connect and to get the oxytocin flowing,” says Manta. And really, sometimes that’s all you need.

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