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February 06, 2020
Everything You Wanted to Know About Pleasurable Anal


For a lot of women, the idea of anal sex can be intimidating. Whether it’s their first time or if they’ve had past experiences with not so gentle nor understanding partners, it’s important to learn that the act can be pleasurable. When done right, and in tandem with vaginal and/or clitoral stimulation, it can induce a deep, full-body orgasm that feels so raw and warm it borders on primal. It’s a depth of sensation that I find unparalleled to pure vaginal penetration. 

While I’ve always enjoyed doing anal, I’m not above the fear — there’s the required prep and potential for discomfort, not to mention the latent fear of tearing the delicate tissue in your rectal area. It’s an involved mental and physical process so it’s something I rarely incorporate into my regular rotation of sexual activities, especially once I became extremely single. Half of the battle is getting really comfortable beforehand, but that’s something my anxious self has found difficult to achieve with one-off hook-ups. 

Planning is essential when it comes to an enjoyable anal experience. While poop is an eventual inevitable and nothing to be ashamed of, I’ll still make sure to do an enema and not eat anything that’ll stress out my gut ahead of time — though that’s more for my own peace of mind. Secondly, there’s the concern that it will hurt, but as long as you take it slow, use plenty of lube, and stretch things out beforehand pain definitely shouldn’t be a part of the equation. I recommend anal beads, a small butt plug, or a mini vibrator (though you have to be careful to make sure the latter doesn’t slip and get stuck in your rectum).

As much as I prep and remind myself of the orgasmic pay-off, the idea can still be overwhelming. I’m a naturally uptight person which is something I suppose extends to my sphincter. So, needless to say, when I heard about Foria’s cannabis lubricant and suppository, I was excited to try it.

Foria Chief Brand Educator Kiana Reeves explained that Foria’s intimacy line is meant to support relaxation and decrease tension, all while promoting a whole new level of stimulation during play. Thanks to the presence of THC (a well-known vasodilator) within the coconut oil-based Pleasure lubricant, it supports increased blood flow to applied areas and, in turn, stimulates all of the sensitive, pleasure-inducing nerves down there. So when used in combination with Foria’s Explore suppository — which contains a blend of THC and relaxation-inducing, inflammation-reducing CBD — there’s the potential to not only minimize the initial discomfort of putting a penis up your butt, but to facilitate the wickedly intense kind of orgasm that anal can create.

Not only that, but Reeves says that what makes the products effective is the fact that there are a myriad of endocannabinoid receptors — specialized cells which respond to the compounds in cannabis that are very similar to the ones produced by our own bodies — throughout the pelvis. Foria’s intimacy line is meant to expedite the whole getting hot and bothered process, while minimizing the anxiety that can come within certain sexual situations.

So, armed with the THC/CBD suppository and a bottle of THC lubricant, I enlisted the help of a past Tinder date to see how far we could go. I had him rub a good amount of lube around my vagina and anus and I placed a suppository in my rectum about 30 minutes before we were set to do the deed. Though the initial discomfort of popping it in with my (ill-advised) acrylic nails was nerve-wracking and made me tense up more than I expected, it really didn’t take long for the effects to kick in.   

Though everyone’s wait time will likely vary due to body chemistry, I responded to both products within 15 minutes. I could feel everything starting to slow down and relax — even without any foreplay. Overcome with a warm, tingling feeling down there, I kept straddling my poor partner, who was trying to follow my initial directive of letting things marinate for an hour for maximum effect. My heightened curiosity — bolstered by increasingly persuasive physical sensations — superseded my own willpower, and after about 45 minutes, I gave him the greenlight to start inserting a finger or two. 

I’ve had my ass fingered many times before but this time immediately felt different. As soon as he inserted, I began to writhe uncontrollably — the slow, steady swirling and stroking motions felt almost as intense as direct clitoral stimulation. The anal cavity has a plethora of nerve endings, so you’re bound to feel any sort of stimulation, painful or pleasurable,  to its full extent. I was already feeling pleasantly light-headed so we were curious to see what upgrading to an actual penis would feel like. After putting on a polyurethane condom (the coconut oil-based formula can disintegrate latex) I had my partner lube up with my trusty bottle of Astroglide and slowly start inserting. 

From past experience, even the tip can be difficult to insert, but given the relaxed state of my anus, he was able to slide right in — a surprising development! While he was moving in and out and gradually going a bit further each time, I experienced a strangely pleasant sensation that I can only describe as feeling as if you’re being turned inside-out.

Unlike vaginal intercourse, everything felt much all-encompassing, especially once I added in my rabbit vibrator. With that extra vaginal and clitoral stimulation I was looking for, I felt like he was going deeper than he had ever gotten before. It added to the intimacy of the moment and turned me on even more. My partner agreed — he said it felt amazing due to the depth of penetration and secondhand warmth of the THC lubricant. 

Surprisingly though, I ended up climaxing first, experiencing a full-body orgasm that was far more intense than anything I had experienced in a long time — like getting the wind knocked out of me, in a good way. And while it’s hard to describe exactly how radiant and head-spinningly delicious this particular orgasm was, I can say that incorporating anal made me feel like I finally figured out what was been missing. Thanks to Foria, I was able to be truly present within this intimate moment and focus on doing or communicating what else I needed in terms of sexual stimulation. And I’ll continue to play and experiment with Foria’s intimacy line, I can definitively say this particular experience was an excellent argument for making anal a regular part of my sexual rotation from now on.  

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