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February 05, 2020
Which Weed Strains Can Give You Better Orgasms?


Mixing sex with cannabis isn’t a new phenomenon. Humans have been using it as a pleasure aid throughout the world and across history. In the Vedas, which are sacred Hindu texts, the plant is name dropped as a one of the five sacred plants and a crucial part in the Tantric ritual. You’ll also find cannabis used in Soviet-era Russia as a sex aid for nervous virgins and it’s an impotence drug in Western Uganda.

It makes sense given that cannabis has the potential to help you relax, lower your inhibitions, and heighten your senses. Studies have shown that it could improve sexual satisfaction, with regular users having more sex than those who dabble or don’t consume at all. Of course, the strain you choose makes a difference. Curious about how it could make your orgasms better? Here’s a helpful guide to finding the right one for you.

How do I choose a strain?

According to Ashley Manta, sex educator and creator of CannaSexual, a common worry people have is getting too high. Balance is key to a more positive experience in the bedroom. When it comes to specific strains, Manta suggests going for a high CBD strain with a balanced CBD to THC ratio. It won’t get you high out of your mind, but it will elevate your mood and ensure enough energy for a fun night with your partner. 

Keep in mind that strains can vary depending on the cultivator. Because of this, Manta suggests focusing on the cannabinoid and terpene breakdown. “If there’s limonene, it'll be euphoric and on the fuzzier side. Pinene is more focused and alert. And if it's myrcene or linalool, it’ll be on the more sedate side,” she says. As for cannabinoids, Manta says to watch out for a high presence of CBN, which may cause sleepiness, whereas THCV, will leave you more awake.

“You have to be your own scientist, because all of our bodies are different,” Manta points out. It’s important to have room for trial and error. “Masturbate first and see how your body reacts. Write down your learnings, like ‘this strain from this dispensary did this,' or, ‘I smoked this, used this many drops of tincture, and this is what happened.’ So when you want that [experience] to happen again, that's what you can look for,” she says.

Can you give me some recommendations?

The type of strain you want depends on the kind of sex you’re interested in having: slow and sensusal, energetic and passionate, or maybe you want to explore a new kink? Here’s a breakdown of some popular ones and what they’re good for.

If You’re Looking for a Surefire Explosive Orgasm: Sour Diesel

Ask any sex and cannabis enthusiast and they’re probably going to recommend this strain. It’s sativa dominant and energetic so you get a rush of excitement that’ll get you in the mood to get down. If you’re afraid of feeling jittery and paranoid, users also note they feel relaxed enough that their inhibitions are lowered. But the key selling point? It could also make you feel insatiable — as in sex all night long, can’t get enough, multiple orgasm session. Fans say that every touch is magnified and you literally crave your partner. If you’re looking for something that’ll make both of your toes curl, this is it.

If You’re Going Solo: Girl Scout Cookies

No partner? Then you’ll want to try this hybrid strain that’s known to be creative and euphoric. It’s great for vivid fantasies which lends itself to masturbation. Think of using this in conjunction with a toy or erotica for a very satisfying evening. And really, who better to give you a mind-blowing orgasm than yourself?

If You Want to Explore BDSM: Trainwreck

Don’t let the name scare you — you’re not going to actually feel like a train hit you when you try this strain. Instead, the sativa-dominant strain gives a strong cerebral high and leaves you feeling buzzed all over. While it’s great if you’re looking to amp up your standard missionary position, it’s even better if you’re looking to explore some kinks. Given its high THC content, Trainwreck can reduce the pain sensation and be just the thing for a BDSM-newbie. 

If You’re Looking to Mix Things Up: Tangie 

So you’re not into BDSM but you do want to try something new in the bedroom. How do you initiate a fantasy without blushing? Try Tangie, which is very similar to another commonly recommended strain: Jillybean. Unlike Jillybean, which is a hybrid, Tangie is a sativa. But both are known to have energetic, euphoric and creative effects while also helping with anxiety. That could be the confidence boost you need to dirty talk or roleplay without feeling silly.

If You Want to Go All Night Long: Granddaddy Purple

Not all sex has to be frenetic and rushed. For an intimate experience that lasts the entire evening consider this strain. It’s indica-heavy and has been called green Viagra in the past for its dreamy buzz and sensation-enhancing experience (users say every touch on their body made them feel extra aroused.) That said, it’s still an indica so consume too much and you’ll be glued to the couch. A hit or two is just enough to get you in the mood for a slow, passionate sex that ends in a relaxed, yet satisfying orgasm.

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