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September 09, 2020
Yes, You Can Smoke and Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh


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There are plenty of reasons why you might use cannabis — but no matter your motive, all cannabis users have one thing in common: There’s often a smell that lingers after you finish smoking. Of course, you can avoid the smell by heading to the backyard or consuming an edible, but what if you can’t do either?  

Whether you’re looking to mask the smell of cannabis after your smoke session to be considerate of your roommates or neighbors, or because you’re sensitive to the scent yourself, it’s easy to keep your home fresh. We rounded up the best tips on how to hide the smell of weed effectively, and with low effort on your part. 

Consume Cannabis That Has Been Harvested When It’s Still Young

Simply put, the older your flower is, the more potent it is going to be. While cannabis that is harvested before it reaches full maturation will yield a less powerful high, it’s a perfect option for anyone looking to achieve a slight buzz rather than a full couch-lock. 

Store Your Flower Properly

There are multiple benefits to keeping your flower in the proper container, not least of all that it keeps the bud fresh and guarantees a satisfying smoke session. But storing your weed correctly can also minimize its ability to seep into the surrounding space: small, airtight, opaque containers work best, because they minimize the plant’s exposure to oxygen and UV light, both of which can weaken potency. Try the Re:stash mason jar for a stylish option you won’t misplace. Or, a thick bag with either a vacuum seal or a resealable edge also works. Be sure to store your container in a dark, cool place – proper storage can result in your bud retaining its potency for up to a year.

Ventilate When You Do Smoke

This sounds like an obvious tip, but it’s worth repeating: you should keep the air moving wherever you choose to smoke. It’ll help keep the smoke and smell from settling into your clothes, furniture, and more. You can open your windows to ensure proper circulation, but if you want to avoid bothering your neighbors consider a fan or air purifier. One option is the bladeless air multiplier from Dyson, which is sleek and noiseless although any fan will do. If you want to go the filter route, try the Medify air filter which boasts HEPA filtration that’ll get your air clean in record time. 

Take a Shower and Wash Your Clothes

Speaking of another obvious tip, yes, you should shower and wash the clothes you smoke in. No matter how careful you are about your exhale, it’s almost a guarantee that smoke will linger on your body. So sometimes what you’re smelling isn’t your room — it’s you! Take a luxurious shower or bath, and throw in the Sleep bath bomb from Kush Queen for extra relaxation. As for your clothes, aim for a hypoallergenic or all-natural detergent, or throw some of The Laundress’ scented vinegar into your load for extra cleaning power.

Consume in the Bathroom

Want to up the relaxation quotient? Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa experience while you smoke a pre-roll. Turn on the vent and blast the hot water to get some steam going so it fills the room. Light up and as you exhale, the smoke will mix with the steam and get sucked into the vent. You can add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus so it perfumes the steam or just relax in the warm room as you enjoy your smoke.

Light a Candle or Some Incense

While many people swear by room deodorizers like Febreze, the product often layers over the smell you’re trying to get rid of, so it masks the scent rather than eliminating it entirely. Instead, try lighting a candle or slow-burning incense — not only does lighting a match release sulphur dioxide, which can mask almost any scent your nose detects but the candle or incense will create a zen experience that lasts for hours. If you’re into the musky notes in cannabis, try kush-themed candles or look for incense with earthy scents.

Use a Vape Pen

Vaping works by gently heating your cannabis to the right temperature, which results in less smoke and less smell. And while there was some concern earlier in the year about its safety, when you purchase from a licensed retailer, you’ll know it’s been vetted for safe human consumption.

“All the products in licensed retail locations have gone through strict state testing, so we know it's passed,” Alex Traverso, assistant chief of communications for the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, previously told Med Men. “None of the vaping sicknesses that we had here in California were traced back to the legal market.”

Whether you opt for the dosist Calm Pen or a disposable vape from Heavy Hitters your MedMen-sourced vape will help you vape safely. Keep in mind that you’ll feel the effects rather quickly so lower the risk of over-consuming by taking a hit and waiting before inhaling another.

Pack a Hand Pipe or One-Hit Pipe

Using a spoon pipe or other hand pipe will result in less smoke than a bong or bubbler, meaning your cannabis will leave less of a footprint after your smoke session. Try one of Grav Labs’ hand-blown options for a chic accessory you won’t be embarrassed to leave out, or Empire Glassworks’ sprinkle cone pipe for a twee touch.

Invest in a Smoke Filter or Build a Sploof

The old-school way to filter smoke? Grab a cardboard tube from a finished toilet paper or paper towel roll, and secure a folded dryer sheet over one end with a rubber band. Blow into the tube when you’re exhaling, and the dryer sheet will trap and filter much of the smoke before it enters the rest of your room.

If you’re looking for a higher-end version, you can buy an affordable personal air filter, like this one from Sploofy. The cartridges are replaceable, making this an eco-friendly choice, and the biodegradable casing looks way sleeker than the teen-favorite cardboard.

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