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December 20, 2019
Smart Tips For Gifting Weed


Photograph by Morvanic Lee/Unsplash

Finding the perfect present this year has taken on a whole new meaning this year now that 11 states have legalized recreational cannabis. Now you can give a nice box of edibles in lieu of a bottle of wine, or luxury infused skin care instead of a holiday scented candle. You'd think it'd be easier to make everyone happy but you could make an easy mistake. Don't be that person! Keep in mind these easy and smart tips.


Consider Your Audience

Like all good presents, you have to consider the recipient’s tastes and habits. If you’ve got a friend who never smokes but loves edibles, a fancy vaporizer won’t be right but delicious gummies would be perfect. Is your cousin really into cooking? An infused honey or olive oil will impress them. Knowing exactly how your friend or family member likes to consume cannabis will make things easier when you shop.

Start Newbies Off Slowly

Newsflash: Someone who is new to edibles might not be the best person to receive a bag of high-dose gummies. Luckily, there are plenty of great low-dose treats, from PLUS gummies to Kiva Petra mints, to choose from. If they’re still apprehensive about THC, give them a CBD-rich tincture or topical to start.

Respect Their Smoking Habits

An accessory like rolling papers or pipe can be the perfect gift for someone who loves their flower. But If your friend isn’t the best at rolling their own joints, maybe get them one that’s pre-rolled or opt for a bong. If you’re unsure, try the safest bet: a stylish-looking nug jar. 

Sharing is Not Always Caring

A pack of pre-rolls or some potent bud is thoughtful but don’t assume they’re going to smoke it on the spot. If you want to join your pal, bring extra. Buy an additional pre-roll or a disposable vape to share and let your friend enjoy your generous gift at their own leisure.

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