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December 05, 2018
The Top Marijuana Vaporizer Products in Las Vegas

The Marijuana Vaporizer

Whether you’re completely new to the world of cannabis or have been a longtime fan of flower, vaporizers top the list when it comes to the ease and accessibility of marijuana products. From cannabis pens that give you measured doses to simple and sleek vapes that make it a breeze to get your high on, there’s so much to choose from. So, without further ado, dive into our list of the top marijuana vapes in Las Vegas.

The Marijuana Vaporizer Remastered

[statemade] is behind countless vaporizers that we simply can’t get enough of. Each pen has a state-of the-art battery designed to last the life of the pen—and they look pretty great, too!

First up on our list is the sativa dominant [statemade] joy pen. It’s our favorite vape to get our spirits high and feel at peace throughout the day or night. It brings out a bit of sweetness that perfectly lifts up any dull mood. What’s not to love?

For those looking to get a bit more of relaxation, the ebb pen is for you. The [statemade] ebb pen comes in the indica dominant variety and is meant to bring you smoothly out of a rushed and hectic headspace and right into a chill existence.

Start Your Cannabis Collection With [statemade]

We’re also big fans of the [statemade] max pens. Full of a great sativa boost, the max pen works in the same manner as its name suggests: it gets you to that peak level of energy so you’re ready for activity of any kind (except for driving, of course). Looking for a bit more of the chill vibe? The hybrid zen pen will have you saying om in no time and ready for a whole lot of enlightenment. And then there is the zzz pen from [statemade]. It gets straight to the point with its playful name, and with indica at its root, the zzz pen is an optimal product to get yourself into the sleeping zone.

Moving out of [statemade] world, the Charose Live Resin Disposable Pen from Binkse is a standout, delivering a nice sativa-induced buzz. Looking for more sativa favorites? MedMen's Black Jack Disposable and Bloom's Maui Wowie Disposable make the list of our ideal vapes.

Find these vape products and ones like it at your nearest Nevada MedMen cannabis retailer or enter your delivery address to see if MedMen delivers cannabis near you.

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