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July 09, 2019
Like 4/20, 7/10 is an Important Cannabis Holiday


When it comes to famous “weed holidays,” most people—whether they’re cannabis-friendly or not—are usually familiar with 4/20, even if they don’t know the exact significance of the day. (Here’s a quick refresh of 4/20's colorful history in case you fall into that camp.) But there’s another cannabis-centric date worth celebrating, and it happens just a few months later, in the throes of summer. Stoners everywhere are known to unite on 7/10 to pay tribute to the art of dabbing. Why? Well, remember back in junior high when you figured out how to create words from typing numbers on a calculator and then flipping it upside down? The digits 710, when viewed from a 180-degree vantage point, spell out “OIL,” hence the homage to concentrates. The 10th of July is now referred to as “Dab Day.”

National Dab Day

While the origins of 4/20 go back to a group of pot-smoking teens in the ‘70s, 7/10’s roots are more nebulous. It’s thought that people began observing the day around 2012, which is pretty recent, especially compared to 4/20’s decades-long history. But there still isn’t much insight as to who came up with the concept initially. However, an article on The Leaf Online points to TaskRok—the rapper, cannabis advocate, and founder of Highly Educated TI—as the creator.

As the story goes, TaskRok and a few friends were on TinyChat in 2011, trying to figure out a new version of 420 that was more suitable for dabbing. Task suggested 710 after realizing it spelled ‘oil’ upside down. To help spread the word of this new holiday, TaskRok released an album called The Movement, featuring a track called “7:10,” on July 10th, 2011.

Cannabis Oil

You can celebrate 7/10 yourself by enjoying some of the best concentrates available at your local MedMen location. A few options to seek out: Raw Garden’s indica-dominant Beary White Sauce, a sativa like Raw Garden Citrus Sap Sauce, or a hybrid like 710 Lab Xtracts' Bootylicious Rosin. New to concentrates? Learn how to dab and see if it’s the thing for you. (Spoiler alert: it probably is.)

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