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October 14, 2019
Victorine Deych’s Passion For Scent and Cannabis


Victorine Deych, botanical perfumer and founder of Victorine oils, was born to pioneer perfumes. “My grandmother, Lily, was obsessed with fine fragrance. I grew up high on Shalimar,” says the South Brooklyn native, who traces her own obsession with botanicals to playing in that same grandmother’s Japanese and rose gardens. Later in life, at a fraught, crucible moment, the two learned they shared an appreciation for more than homegrown irises and heavy spritzes of musk. When Lily was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, Deych, a precocious, strong-willed teenager, negotiated with her parents to take a leave from high school in order to accompany Lily to Amsterdam for holistic treatment. “Straight off the plane, we went to a cafe and smoked a joint,” Deych says, adding: “Lily’s idea entirely.”

Ever since, the self-made CEO has forged a circuitous global route through jobs in fashion design and holistic certification, to her current role as founder of a cannabis-centric aromatherapy brand centered on a signature mood-altering scent: Dusted, a euphoric cannabis-flower aromatherapy oil. Ultimately disenchanted by the synthetic nature of classical scent-making as dictated by the perfumeries of Paris, Deych decided to marry her affinity for the smell of cannabis with her passion for the wellness potentials of scent, founding VICTORINE as a fragrance brand in 2015, just as medicinal legalization began to take root in New York.

In the meantime, staying true to her own roots, she visits Lily Deych weekly to administer aromatherapy treatments. Although Lily’s health is in decline, Deych says she has reason to believe her grand- mother understands her achievements on some level: “I do get a smile from time to time when I apply a little Dusted.” Most recently, Deych added three new scents to the line—Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll—each imbued with her rigorous commitment to organic, ethically sourced ingredients. “I’m sick of the word drugs having a negative connotation,” she says. “Look it up in Webster’s Dictionary. Medicine is the primary definition. Let’s get back to that.”

Ahead, Deych shares her go-to cannabis essentials, and her approach to utilizing them on an everyday basis.

CANNABIS FAVORITES: Dusted and Kiva Confections Kiva Bars, both available at MedMen stores.

CANNABIS RITUAL: “I love using Dusted for an aromatherapy meditation in the morning. I roll some on my wrists, close my eyes, and take about five slow inhalations, in through the nose and out through the nose. Now I’m Dusted, and ready to take on the world.”

Curious to learn more about Victorine Deych's fragrances? Check out VICTORINE NYC.

This story and many more are available in the Fall "Freedom" issue of EMBER magazine. You can grab a copy at your local MedMen store, Barnes and Noble, or Hudson News.

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