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May 27, 2020
The Spark: Fleur Marché’s Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder


Photo courtesy of Fleur Marché

The women behind Fleur Marché, Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder, first experienced cannabis like how most of us do: experimenting with homemade bongs during their teen years. Fast forward to adulthood and now the plant is a part of their wellness routine — it serves as the inspiration for their site which is equal parts curated CBD shop and wellness resource. 

Given that both worked at goop, another lifestyle site geared towards health-conscious women, it was a natural next step. Fleur Marché has a wealth of knowledge geared towards a primarily female audience, especially those who might be hesitant to wade into the cannabis-infused waters. The duo set out to educate about the therapeutic benefits of CBD products (with a focus on full spectrum hemp CBD that’s available nationally), making converts out of their own reluctant friends and redefining wellness for themselves along the way. 

Read on for the scoop on all their favorite products, how cannabis has become a part of their daily routine and what they want everyone to know about CBD.

 On their first experiences with cannabis: 

MS: I smoked out of a homemade bong in a ditch where all the cool kids from high school went to to experiment with weed. It was a school night and this was a very edgy move for me because I was a goody two shoes. 

 AL:  My first experience was definitely uneventful and not enjoyable. It took a long time for it to change. I tried smoking out of bong made from an apple — it made me choke but I didn’t feel anything. The next time was when I experimented with homemade edibles people that were horrible. You’d eat one and have to lay on the floor for hours. 

On their relationship with cannabis now:

 M: I rediscovered cannabis a couple years ago after I went to a recreational dispensary in Aspen. It helped relieve my cramps and I found it to be incredibly effective for pain management whether from a headache, period, or aches. It’s what inspired us to create Fleur Marchè. Now, I use cannabis almost daily be it recreational purposes instead of wine, stress management, or for pain.

 A: Meredith and I spent a lot of time talking about CBD and cannabis, and how you can help women get over a bad experience. I started using CBD products which really were working for my concerns regarding pain and anxiety.  

On their favorite products: 

M: The Dosist calm pen was a long time favorite. For sleep, I recommend Plus CBD sleep gummies or the Rest Pen by Sunday Goods.

A: I love the BEBOE pastilles, they taste like sweet tarts for adults, it was the first thing I tried and we still have them in our house. I also love the Papa & Barkley Relief Patches.

 On cannabis as a self-care aid:

M: These times have been difficult so I do lean on cannabis, especially at the end of the day. My definition of wellness has significantly evolved in the past 50 days. Wellness for me right now is trying to be kinder to myself.

On what everyone should know about CBD versus THC:

A: With CBD we always say to people: it is about the absence of feeling, unlike THC. If it’s working you are not feeling something be it pain, anxiety, or insomnia. I ask people to pay attention to that before writing it off. Also know that CBD edibles work differently than THC edibles: it doesn't get stronger as your liver processes it. In fact, it’s the opposite and why you need a higher concentration than CBD. 

M: I’m a personally avid user of THC and CBD products and I think they are equally therapeutic and beneficial. People are very often in the THC purist camp but don’t know anything about CBD so it has been useful to educate people on why they are equally great. During the day I will use mostly CBD products, while evenings lean towards THC.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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