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February 27, 2019
Check out MedMen’s Stylish New Merch


Way back when, cannabis-inspired clothing was more or less limited to tie-dyed shirts, lots of weed leaf prints, and either an alien or your favorite cartoon character smoking a big ol’ joint. Thankfully, the sartorial offerings in the cannabis orbit have been elevated, and you can now rep your love for THC and, more specifically, your adoration of MedMen with nary a stoned extraterrestrial in sight. Introducing MedMen’s new line of merchandise, a 12-piece collection that includes t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

About MedMen’s Stylish New Merch

The new line, which was conceived and created in-house by MedMen co-founder and president Andrew Modlin and art director Marianne Angeles, aligns with MedMen’s mission to destigmatize cannabis and celebrate it for what it is: a wellness tool that is helping people and improving lives each day.

Shop MedMen apparel

A slew of T-shirts offered here feature imagery from MedMen’s most recent “Cannabis” campaign, while gray hooded sweatshirts simply let the MedMen logo stand out in bright red. If you’re in need of some new outerwear, why not add a MedMen-style letterman’s jacket to your wardrobe? The rich crimson of the jacket will undoubtedly cause a couple of heads to turn your way. When asked what alma mater’s merch you’re repping, you can reply simply: the University of MedMen, majoring in Terpenes 101.

Accessories include a red ballcap, enamel pins (perfect for stepping to up your jean jacket’s pin game), a keychain set, and a yoga mat that will make your asanas even more chill.

MedMen apparel and accessories

Impressed? Expect more to drop summer. In the meantime, make sure to pick up a few pieces for yourself or your fellow MedMen-loving friends for Valentine’s Day. The merch, priced from $15 for those pin or keychain sets to $129 for the letterman jacket, will be available in stores and at online.

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