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December 18, 2019
The Perfect Present For Any California Cannabis Fan


Photograph by Jude Beck/Unsplash

Holiday gift giving is like being someone’s personal shopper, therapist and motivational guru, all at once. Here’s an easier suggestion: Give them weed. It’s way better than a pair of socks or yet another scarf. All you need to know is what works for them -- are they canna-curious or an expert? Into something they can inhale or are they the gummy type? 

Here, six great suggestions that you can pick up at any MedMen store in California, that’ll make anyone happy.


Lowell Farms The Holiday Hybrid Pre-Roll pack

For the friend who really cares about what they put in their body, make a beeline to Lowell Farms. Grown using organic, sustainable and pesticide-free methods, the brand will definitely meet their standards. If you’re looking for a special holiday pre-roll, try the Happy Hybrid -- it’ll give you a pleasant high, And the festive packing (the Lowell bull’s in a Santa hat!) is especially fun.

[statemade] joy flower

How can you literally give joy? Well, that’s where [statemade] comes in. Their aptly named bud results in a creative, euphoric feeling that will help elevate any mood. 

Kiva Holiday Punch Camino Gummies

For the person who likes a delicious treat head straight to the Kiva Camino Gummies. Their limited-edition varieties include Holiday Punch, which has flavors of cinnamon and cranberry along with 5mg of THC. It’s chill, soothing and cozy -- all the feelings you want this time of year.

Dr. Kerklaan Natural Pain Stick 

Not everyone on your list wants to consume cannabis but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them something they’ll love. This topical stick will sooth pain and aches, which really everyone gets. Give it to your mom who complains about her knee or your sister who’s training for a marathon -- they’ll be so thrilled. 

Absolute Extracts: 10-pack Lagunitas

Going Cali sober is the new trend but that doesn’t mean your beer aficionado friend doesn’t miss the taste. Gift them this IPA-inspired cannabis beverage to satisfy that craving.

bliss by dosist

What to do when someone you just started dating gets you a gift? Reciprocate with something you’ll both enjoy. Each handy tablet promises a euphoric, energetic, aroused effect so use accordingly.

Let's Get Chai Cotton T-Shirt

For the person who has a drawer of cool tees, they'll love this cheeky version that's a clever nod to cannabis culture.

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