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July 14, 2020
The Spark: Talking to Flower by Edie Parker’s Brett Heyman


Photo courtesy of Brett Heyman

What sparks creativity? Joy? Every week, we talk to cool people who inspire us.

You might know the name Edie Parker from seeing the brand’s kitschy, 1950s-inspired acrylic clutches on the red carpet. Or if you scroll through Instagram, their colorful trays, placemats, and other whimsical home decor items might have caught your eye. Founded by a former Gucci-alum, Brett Heyman, the cheerful accessories collection is meant for a woman who appreciates a funny (and pretty!) item to display on her coffee table.

Growing up in California and being influenced by its cannabis culture, Heyman also wanted to incorporate that aspect of her life into her brand. That’s how Flower by Edie Parker came to be. The line, which has flower, vapes (launching exclusively at MedMen!), pre-rolls, and smoking accessories, has the same design aesthetic you’d see in the rest of her creations — meaning fruit shaped pipes, fruit emblazoned stash jars, and elegant lucite lighters. In a field that has been predominantly geared towards male smokers, Heyman offers up a playful feminine alternative that has drawn a fan following.

We caught up with the busy founder to discuss her favorite products, delicious post-smoke snacks, and how she approaches designing both handbags and glass pipes. 

On growing up around cannabis:

I had a typical teen relationship to cannabis where it felt hidden and naughty. I’d smoke with friends when we were in high school, but there was no romance like you see now. As a young adult in New York, I didn’t have as much access to it but then I got married to my husband, who is an active cannabis user and inspired me to reintroduce into my life, albeit in a healthier way.

On how she uses cannabis now:

I started using it for all kinds of things, but my favorites honestly are sex and sleep.

I usually tell a joke that sex and sleep are like the same for me, so I’ll have an indica pen for both. On weekends, I also enjoy a joint -- [statemade] Joy pre-rolls are great!

On her favorite munchies:

I really have a thing for cheese: I make a lot of plates for myself (to be eaten by myself) and it’s a big selection of both hard and soft cheeses. 

On her favorite products:

Besides [statemade] Joy pre-rolls, I'm also obsessed with Papa and Barkley's THC balm. I feel like I talk about the balm all the time. At first you don't think it's gonna work, but it’s the greatest for sore muscles. 

On creating a cannabis line:

We've been developing more CBD products, so I've been more interested in cannabidiol and how it helps with wellness. But really, we launched Flower by Edie Parker because we truly enjoy cannabis. "For a Good Time" is on every package that we make, and that’s how I define my relationship with cannabis — it’s fun, I like being high, and I want to share that experience with everyone.

We looked at Edie Parker bags and home the same way that we look at Flower by Edie Parker — people should engage with cannabis like they do with other products in their lives. Nothing should be hidden away or blend into an outfit. We like items that surprise and delight, and you should want to show them off! The tagline on our brand is that we craft pretty things that make you happy, so while we believe in being artistic and serious about creating quality products, it still needs to make you smile. 

On giving back to the community:

Ever since we started our business 10 years ago, we’ve supported social service organizations. When we were preparing to launch Flower by Edie Parker, we launched the Edie Parker Foundation to address how communities of color are disproportionately impacted by these horribly racist enforcement of cannabis laws. We only got our 501(c) (3) status to operate as a foundation this past spring so in the meantime, we partnered with the women's prison association and have been doing programming with them. 

Shop the full Flower by Edie Parker line here and don’t forget: for every purchase you can get 1g of flower and a Weedie Parker lighter for a penny each, while supplies last.

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