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August 24, 2019
Alexandra Wagner On Her CBD Facial


Los Angeles-based esthetician Alexandra Wagner was first introduced to CBD when her boyfriend hurt his back playing golf. He was experiencing a lot of pain, and CBD was effective enough to get him off the Vicodin he was initially prescribed. Wagner was so impressed by her boyfriend’s successful experience using CBD oil for pain that she began researching CBD herself, wondering if it might help with pain related to her own autoimmune disease. She fell in love almost immediately and it quickly became a key part of her broader treatment plan. From there, she worked it into her professional life, specifically as a balm for massages. “I started using it on [clients’] shoulders, and that's how it kind of evolved; it was all very organic,” she says.

This ultimately led to Wagner creating her own product, White Tiger CBD Luxe Oil, which is packed with tons of CBD hemp oil benefits, plus soothing ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, cucumber seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and evening primrose. Wagner uses the oil in her facials and also sells it on her website so clients can experience the skin-improving benefits of CBD at home.

What Is a CBD Facial?

Wagner’s White Tiger CBD Facial is an expansion of her signature White Tiger Facial, which incorporates cleansing, exfoliation, an enzyme peel, steam, extractions, microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, and a mask, plus CBD in both the facial and massage. My skin was breaking out pretty badly, and I was hoping Wagner, who is known for specializing in acneic skin conditions, could help me with the two stubborn zits I had been dealing with for weeks.

In her facial treatments, Wagner uses her own products, which contain her signature ingredient combination of white turmeric and tiger grass plant stem cell complex. CBD, thanks to its healing and restorative potential, made perfect sense as the newest addition to her lineup. “Because I was so obsessed with CBD and saw how it would just make the skin glow, I thought it would be a really good addition because my skin care line is clean, and it's an active ingredient,” Wagner says.

For the massage portion of the treatment, Wagner used Papa and Barkley Releaf Balm, which immediately relaxed the tension in my shoulders. I thought it was smart of Wagner to use this CBD balm for the massage so you can experience CBD in multiple ways throughout the treatment. Plus, it felt amazing—which helped offset the discomfort I experienced from the extractions that followed. If you’ve ever experienced an extraction, you know the specific version of “ouch!” I’m talking about, but the fresh-faced results are totally worth it and, frankly, hard to beat. Yes, even if you’re religiously using the best facial cleanser for your skin type and adhering to a strict routine of products every day, it’s still your best bet. I know from experience: A thorough, professional extraction, however painful it might be, always leaves my pores clean.

During the steam part of the facial, Wagner used a concentrated amount of CBD, which she gets from her chemist and is meant to function as sort of an extra boost. As for her White Tiger CBD Luxe Oil, it contains 50mg of CBD. Interestingly enough, Wagner experimented with a higher concentration of 100mg, but it didn’t work as well; it actually made a few clients break out further. “We tend to think ‘the more the better,’ but that’s not always the case,” she explains.

Dry Skin Treatment

Wagner says that some of the best feedback she’s gotten about her CBD oil came from a client with severe eczema. “She gets eczema on her hairline and forehead, and she said the oil has saved her skin,” Wagner says. People have also used the oil overnight and claim their is skin is less red and irritated when they wake up. Indeed, across the wellness industry, using CBD for eczema is becoming more common.

As my facial comes to an end, I can’t help but notice how my skin is seriously glowing. I then make sure to take White Tiger CBD Luxe Oil home with me to see how it affects my skin on the regular. But as far as facials go, this CBD-addled version might be one of the best I’ve had!

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