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June 25, 2019
Sam Spillman, Hospitality Associate at MedMen West Hollywood

It’s not every day that you walk into a store and get shopping advice from a drag queen. But when Sam Spillman took a job as a hospitality associate at MedMen West Hollywood, he also got to bring his drag alter ego, Cake Moss. That freedom to truly come to work as himself is one of the reasons Sam is grateful for his job, especially after other dispensaries weren’t willing to take a chance on someone so new to the cannabis industry. He was thrilled to eventually find MedMen though, especially after learning that one of the founders was also a gay man. And while the customers have embraced him, he says it’s the community that he’s built with his coworkers that is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. They even come out to watch him perform at drag brunch on Sundays, creating a sea of support in the crowd.

While he’s clearly left an impression on everyone he meets at the store, the customers have left an even bigger impact on him. He fondly remembers a regular customer who would frequently purchase cannabis products to take home to her very sick son. One day, when the son was feeling well enough to leave the house, he and his mother returned to MedMen to personally thank Sam and the team for helping to pick out products that aided in reducing his suffering.

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