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September 27, 2019
Pot Top 5


Choice strains to try at MedMen stores now, selected by in-house cannabis curator Josh Shlenker and reviewed by EMBER’s cannabis experts.

Country Club by Fig Farms

Mellow, pain-relieving, and long-lasting

Pairs with: housework, shelling beans, watching a visually stunning film, bathing in lavender oil.

A complex cross of four potent strains (Chemdawg x Cookies x Sour Diesel x Bubba Kush), Country Club has a lot going on, delivering a sneaky high that doesn’t say hello until it’s got your entire head. The bud is whitish, covered in crystals, with a nice fruity flavor. Some reviewers experienced a happy, cushy sensation, great for watching movies, while others discovered a profound respect for humble tasks, like housework (beware: it took me more than an hour to make green goddess dressing). You find yourself standing outside all the usual anxieties, a state you will want to gift wrap and transfer to your everyday self. Country Club also takes the edge off of pain, like a warm bath—especially in combination with a warm bath.

Piña Grande by Cannabis Brothers


Pairs with: sitting, observing the natural world, staring straight ahead, thinking but not articulating, sleeping.

Best used in the evening. One reviewer compared the effects of this light-green indica hybrid to a warm hug. Another reported staring at his phone and experiencing “not much thinky power.” This is a floral-scented, smooth-smoking, fast-acting bud. “I smoked half of a joint and had to sit down for a while,” wrote another, adding, “then I smoked the rest and had to sit down for another while.” Piña Grande will make your body feel warm and dense. “It really wanted me to take a nap,” noted a third reviewer. Under its influence, no hypnotist will need to suggest that your eyelids are heavy.

Tie Dye by Fig Farms

Mellow, uplifting, and pain-relieving

Pairs with: chronic pain, tension, headaches, eating a grilled cheese sandwich before a Grateful Dead concert, sitting by a lazy river in the summer.

I like the throwback name, green color, and grassy taste. A cross of two indicas, Tie Dye offers a full-body high. “It encouraged all the lazy I had,” writes a reviewer. “Present and alert but with the sharp edges smoothed.” Suffering from lower back pain, I consumed this by way of an old-fashioned diffuser called a magic light, and you know the grumpiness, the existential loneliness you feel when you are in pain? Well, that lightened, considerably. I did, however, forget the name of the street on which I live. Oh, and because everything is pleasant, you will want to eat.

Triangle Kush by Leaf California

Mellow, uplifting, social, and long-lasting

Pairs with: sensual activity, exercise, parties, pondering.

A precursor to the potent, sticky OG Kush, this is a colorful bud of dark green with bright orange hair and an underside of purple and white. One user compared it to an oaky, aged whiskey, and wanted to smoke it sitting by a fireplace. Another called it “social + hopeful, airy and smooth. Your mind makes unexpected but revelatory connections.” Long-lasting: it rings a bell that vibrates on and on. “It comes on strong but eases out into a comfortable, deep high that is heady with plenty of room for thinking.”

Do Si White by Ember Valley

Uplifting, social, and long-lasting

Pairs with: cheesecake and warm peaches, laughing.

Do NOT put on the Jackson 5 if you don’t want to dance. Don’t try any complicated moves, either; in one simple sitting-down motion I dropped my phone, the joint, an ashtray, and some loose change. This strain is a good choice for an actor who wants to deconstruct how slapstick comedy is done. Do Si White announces its presence with a deepening of sensation in all realms. You will enjoy a heightened awareness of music, food, and thought—like all weed, then, but amplified thanks to the wonderful dose of gratitude Do Si White gifts. It’s social, too.

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Pot Top 5