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January 03, 2020
Recycle Your MedMen Bags!

You might have noticed a wooden box when you’re leaving one of our stores. It’s not just for decoration -- it’s actually our recycling program. The law requires everyone to leave the store with our signature red shopping bag but that doesn’t mean you have to take it home. If you’d rather place your purchases into your own tote, we’ll recycle your bag.

All you need to do is head outside and take everything out of the paper bag. Then, simply fold it up and drop it in the slot. Every night we collect and inspect them. Those that are still in good condition, we’ll reuse in the store. And if any are a little worse for wear, they’ll go with the rest of our paper recycling.

One last thing to note: this is only valid in California, with the exception of our San Jose store.

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