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February 20, 2020
Ask a Cannasseur: I Want Something Spicy For Date Night!


Welcome to Ask a Cannasseur, our monthly column where we ask our helpful MedMen hospitality associates for expert picks.

Meet Justine Abellana, the co-manager of operations at our Abbot-Kinney store in Venice. She joined MedMen two years ago but the cannabis industry isn’t new to her — she has been working in the field since she was studying journalism. Justine discovered the plant as a way to help with her multiple health issues. “I’ve had three open heart surgeries in my life,” she says. “But I don't take blood pressure or anxiety meds — I pretty much just consume CBD and THC in different forms, constantly.”

Aside from her work at MedMen, Justine has a project called Peace, Blunts, and Jays where she gets to use her journalism background to advocate for cannabis. Her goal is for it to become a platform for people within the industry to express themselves and their art. “Cannabis has saved my life from anxiety, depression, and just from a living standpoint,” Justine says. “If it wasn't for this company and the industry, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today.”

Ahead, Justine tells us her current favorites for love and sex, from her favorite flower for first dates to the product she uses for endometriosis pain.

Lola Lola Mingle

It’s my absolute favorite — I call this product my first date flower because I've literally used it for so many. Hybrid strains have always been an aphrodisiac for me. You get a little cerebral high, a little body high, and no paranoia. It doesn't get me too in my own head, which makes for a nice intimate setting, and I find myself constantly laughing. Try it for your next date — you’ll have a good time instead of being nervous and stressed out. 

Canndescent Connect Pre Rolls

If you want to try something else for dates, the Connect pre-rolls are amazing. They’re a sativa-dominant hybrid with a piney yet smooth flavor so they’re ideal for when you want to get to know someone because they help the conversation flow effortlessly. Inhibitions are lowered just enough that you’ll feel more giddy and social. 

Heavy Hitters Girl Scout Cookies Disposable

Heavy Hitters makes a great Girl Scout Cookies disposable vaporizer. There’s CBG in it and that enhances the sex drive. It’s very tasty and makes you just as giggly as the other flower products. The added bonus is that since this is a vape, it’s a bit more discreet than smoking a pre-roll.

Foria Pleasure

This is a lubricant spray that's cannabis-derived and has a bit of CBD in it. You can consume it as well, so it's good for oral, foreplay, and actual penetration. If you were to actually eat it, each spray contains about 2.5mg of THC. So if you’re not a frequent edibles or sublingual user and consume this product, you could get high. I prefer six to eight sprays externally before waiting for 15 minutes for peak sensitivity. It definitely enhances the mood and it makes things a lot more fun. 

Foria Relief 

Foria also has suppositories that are great for anyone who deals with pain during sex. You can insert them vaginally or anally. I use the vaginal ones for my endometriosis. On a really bad day, it's the best way to find relief.

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