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June 25, 2019
Alicia Felix, District Manager, West Los Angeles

Long before becoming a District Manager at MedMen, Alicia Felix understood the healing properties of cannabis. That’s because when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness 14 years ago, she vowed to never take prescription drugs. Instead, she focused on healthy living and creating her own cannabis tea to alleviate her symptoms and help her to sleep. Now, she’s able to pay it forward by teaching her team to build relationships with customers who come in sharing intimate details in order to get the help they need. “They’re talking about ailments from arthritis to cancer and even more intimate experiences,” she said.

Before transitioning to the cannabis industry, Alicia said she was getting bored after 20 years in retail. She was frustrated to have reached a peak in her career, one in which she was unable to grow and learn. That all changed when she started at MedMen, where she says she’s using every single skill that she has while developing new ones along the way. “The industry is so new, so I still have to go out and educate myself, while learning from all the incredible talent we’ve been able to bring in,” Alicia says. “They’re the best of the best and so they are stretching and challenging me, while I’m also able to leverage my skills to truly help my people.”

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