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January 07, 2020
The Spark: Talking to Lit Method’s Founders

Photograph courtesy of LIT Method

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With its sleek black exterior and flashy red lights, LIT Method is an eye-catching workout spot that you might have noticed while driving by the Beverly Center. Founders Taylor and Justin Norris created the studio back in 2015 as an alternative to the ultra-intense exercise classes trending at the time. That’s not to say it’s easy — the two make it a point to combine rowing and strength training for a heart pounding, fifty-minute session that’ll leave you sweaty and accomplished. 

We caught up with the two where they talked about the role of cannabis in their lives, how they deal with the pressures of social media, and why consistency is the key to a balanced approach to wellness.  

Read on for more.

On their relationship with cannabis: We live a very high-energy lifestyle so recovery and de-stressing is extremely important for balance. Cannabis is something we’ll incorporate daily, whether as a sleep aid or for recovery. Dosist’s relief pen is a favorite -- it’s controlled so we know exactly how much we’re getting. And then we’ll use a CBD cream to target our sore muscles. Lastly, we’re fans of Beboe’s face oil because it really gives a glow to your skin and helps with clearing up breakouts. 

On what wellness means to them: It’s living a balanced lifestyle, with both mental and physical strength. Most importantly though, it’s also about being comfortable in your own skin.

On recovery: We don’t recommend using cannabis before our classes but it plays a big part in recovery, especially so you don’t get injured. A CBD cream is great on sore muscles. Plus, we make it a point to foam roll for five minutes at the end of every class. We also recommend using a Hyperice Hypervolt gun and we have a station in our studio!

On their daily routine: Consistency is really important. We’ll wake up early and read for 20 minutes, do our skincare routine, and then eat breakfast. Avocado toast with two sunny side up eggs are a favorite! After that, we’ll get in a workout. Lunch consists of a salad with loads of veggies and shredded chicken. In the evening, it’s dinner at home around 7 and Taylor will cook something amazing like tacos or chickpea bolognese. We end the night by being in bed by 9 p.m. at the latest.

On the best wellness tip: If you’re starting out, think about moderation and balance. Dieting obsessively or killing yourself with a workout is not the way to go. Listen to your body!

On what new clients should know: We’re a low-impact, high-intensity, total body workout that isolates each muscle in your body with no running, jumping, or weights. So get ready to sweat.

On the ups-and-downs of working in fitness: We can help change so many people’s lives and that makes our work not feel like a job at all. It’s a blessing. But since we work together and we’re married, it’s hard getting that work/life balance right. We love what we do but we can get consumed with it. And with social media, it’s a lot of remembering to disconnect, unwind,  and carve out time for self-care. We like to do that at home while cooking a nice meal and putting our phones away.

On style and beauty: PUMA’s our go-to brand for workout clothes. We even co-branded with them and they’ve been super supportive. And Taylor will wear a little makeup before teaching a class -- ABLE makes a great sweatproof eyeliner while Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer will even out your complexion. 

We're hosting free LIT Method classes! Find out more here.

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