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EMBER / Lifestyle
December 18, 2018
How To Throw A Cannabis-Themed White Elephant Party


So, it’s your turn to host a holiday party for your friend group this year. Maybe you’re feeling the stress and pressure of guaranteeing it’s a night to remember. You can always do a white elephant party—those are always fun—but how can you make a festive bash more unique than those of seasons past? Easy: Throw a cannabis-themed white elephant party.

With a standard white elephant shindig, you can end up with some pretty tacky things. But make it weed-centric, and your pals are bound to gift everything from one-hitters to CBD pain patches. A wide array of cannabis gifts await, and if every partygoer is a frequent cannabis user, this is the one party they won’t want to miss. (And if you’re a competitive host, you’ll practically be guaranteed a full guest list with “yes” confirmations.) But even those new to cannabis can still partake. After all, there are plenty of white elephant gift options for the marijuana newbie. Who wouldn’t want to score a high-CBD bath bomb as their white elephant present?

The Rules for Weed White Elephant

1. Have each partygoer bring a wrapped gift to the party, making sure the packaging does not reveal its contents. Perhaps a luxe vaporizer awaits, maybe it’s a pack of rolling papers concealed inside, or could it be a bag of Camino gummies? The suspense of so many cannabis treats on the premises—and who will ultimately go home with what—is half the fun.

2. Let each person draw a number. Person #1 selects a gift from the pile and opens it. Person #2 then gets to decide whether they want to “steal” Person #1’s gift, or open an entirely new present.

3. Each person goes down the line, choosing either to snag someone else’s already-opened gift or open a new one. After something is usurped three times, it can’t be stolen again.

4. When all of the gifts are open, Person #1 gets to go one last time. If they decide to keep the one they have, the game is completed. If they opt to steal again, the game can continue until the very last steal.

5. Enjoy! This might be the first White Elephant Party where everybody really wins. Find all of your White Elephant Party Favors at the nearest MedMen dispensary near you.

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