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EMBER / Lifestyle
April 27, 2018
Best Cannabis Experience for Your Lifestyle

You: Out-doorsy Type

You eat Runyon Canyon for breakfast and Fryman as a light snack. You love exploring all of the different environments that California has to offer. You want a cannabis product that keeps a spring in your step even after 4 hours in the sun.

MedMen Recommends: Cannabis mints

Easy to dose and won’t melt in the heat, mints are a great way to have a long lasting, non-drowsy experience.

You: Athlete

You’re in the gym first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You’d go on the weekends if you could, but you’ve got flag football and soccer league. For fun you like to experiment with exotic workout routines like, muay thai and zuu.

MedMen Recommends: CBD Vapes and Topicals

CBD can help you recover from an injury or strenuous exercise, and it was recently approved for use by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Take if from professional mixed martial artist, Nate Diaz.

“It’s CBD. It helps with the healing process and inflammation, stuff like that. So you want to get these for before and after the fights, training. It’ll make your life a better place.”

You: Film Buff

When you were in high school, you and a friend stayed up all night watching all three Lord of the Rings movies followed by the entire Godfather collection. After that there was no lookng back. Your week isn’t complete without a trip to the theater and you consider Netflix a utility.

MedMen Recommends: Indica Pre-Roll

Smoke a pre-roll of your favorite indica on the top floor of the parking garage or on your balcony, relax into that comfy chair and escape into a gripping drama or side-splitting comedy*. Indicas are great for those times when you don’t have much to do and it’s fine if you happen to doze off for a sec. Don’t forget the popcorn and Buncha Crunch.

*Caution: Movies watched while high may not actually be gripping or side-splitting.

You: Workaholic

You can’t switch off. Nay, you don’t want to switch off. You have your dream job and all you want to do is live that dream to its fullest. It’s just that sometimes you wish you had a way to de-stress during the day.

MedMen Recommends: Sativa Vape < 50% THC

An emerging superstar in the California cannabis collection, this one is a must-try for the productivity-minded. Take a hit of a mild sativa vape once or twice throughout the day and take the edge off while still remaining focused and active.

You: BBQer

You live for the summer time. Nothing like a few friends, a frisbee, and grilled meats to really bring people together. People love coming to your house so much, sometimes they show up uninvited with a twelve pack of buns. Hey at least they’re contributing.

MedMen Recommends: THC Lemonade

Put a couple of these babies on ice and let all your cannabis consumer friends know what time it is. Just make sure everyone knows which cooler is the ‘special’ cooler. Delicious and refreshing, an ice-cold THC lemonade is the perfect edible for a hot summer day. Can even be used as a mixer in a shandy for an extra special cocktail! Also try THC grapefruit soda!

You: Empty Nester

Finally, the kids are out of the house. You did your best to give them the tools they need to succeed. You gave them all the love and attention you had, and now it’s time for you to enjoy the abundance of free time you now have at your disposal, provided you have any money left. They only thing standing between you and a 10 handicap is a little joint pain.

MedMen Recommends: CBD/THC Pain Relief Cream

Slather a little of this soothing pain relief cream on your hot spots and be amazed at what cannabinoids can do for you. CBD and THC work in concert to combat pain and reduce inflammation, so when your friend asks you if you want him to drive you to your ball you can turn to them and say, “Just give me the 9. I’ll walk from here.”

You: Astronaut

You’re trying to get as high as possible and you’re not ashamed to admit it. You’re not sure what all these “micro-dosing” people are on about, and you don’t want to know. You love adventure and you get a little giddy every time you read about an advance in THC refinement technology.

MedMen Recommends: Concentrates

Fire up that e-nail, put some fresh water in your rig and get ready to trip out on some of the finest shatters, budders and sauces on the planet. Want power? Live resin. Into terps? Go sauce. Really anything from this category is strong enough to get you as faded as that Bob Marley poster you left out in the back yard.

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