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EMBER / Lifestyle
December 02, 2018
CBD Chill-Out: Tips from the Hottest Spas Across the Country


There’s no denying that cannabis is one of the biggest buzziest ingredients in the beauty industry right now. There’s been an influx of indie beauty brands like Apothecanna and Kush Queen touting the benefits of cannabis for skin, with mainstream companies like Origins and Herbivore Botanicals following suit as well. Even a beauty retail behemoth like Sephora has gotten in on the game by adding CBD products to its inventory. And it’s not just cropping up in the skin care orbit—Milk Makeup has both “Kush Mascara” and “Kush Brow Gel” on offer, while Melt Cosmetics just released a new marijuana-inspired eyeshadow collection (hey, a weed leaf green hue is quite stunning on the lids). It was only a matter of time before the CBD trend would extend to beauty services, too.

Spas all around the country, such as L.A.’s The Now and NYC’s Chillhouse, are adding CBD massages, facials, and other treatments to its menus, allowing clients to indulge in the utmost relaxation. If you can’t make it to one of these four spas, fear not: their experts divulged some relaxing CBD hacks you can do at home.

Tip 1: Always have a CBD-infused balm on you

Adding CBD massage to the service menu was a natural decision for The Now. “This is a really exciting time to be in the wellness space, and the CBD trend is a part of that,” says The Now’s co-founder, Gara Post. “With today’s fast-paced society and the stress from technology, anxiety is at an all-time high. People are looking for relief and we love that we are at the forefront and a part of the solution.” Post touts the many different benefits of having a CBD balm on hand; The Now offers its own version at its boutiques. “Post-gym, or after hours of sitting in meetings, it’s my go-to for sore tired muscles,” she says. “I even use it on my kids for dry scalp issues, or on the ends of my daughter’s hair.” Shop MedMen for CBD infused balms now.

Tip 2:

Treat yourself to a CBD Infused Bath

“Something we really wanted was to help normalize the use of CBD, as well as cannabis,” explain Caryn Kirchhoff-Herrera and Julie Black, owners of San Diego’s The Green Tea Spa, which specializes in CBD treatments. “We wanted to create a space where one could come and learn about CBD and how to use it in day-to-day life.” The Green Tea Spa offers both CBD massages and facials, providing clients with either a CBD-infused coconut water or CBD tea to sip before a service begins. Kirchhoff-Herrera and Black say that CBD used in massage helps fully relax the muscles and release tension. For facials, the duo praises its ability to bring balance to the skin, fight inflammation, decrease signs of aging, and bring hydration to the skin. For at-home relaxation, consider drawing a CBD-infused bath. “When using CBD at home we say to have different forms at hand,” says Kirchhoff-Herrera. “I utilize CBD in almost every aspect of my life. I take CBD baths at night, I have a tincture to take before bed, and a vape pen for any stress during the day. It has brought so much balance to my very busy life.”

Tip 3. CBD tinctures take massage to a whole new level

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles recently added CBD treatment options to its menu, such as the CBD Pedicure, which offers either a soothing lavender CBD bath bomb to promote the ultimate chill experience, or an energy-boosting citrus CBD bath bomb. There’s also the CBD Healing Massage, offering relief from a stressful work week by targeting the client’s specific needs with a pre-service consultation. Prior to the massage, clients can opt for a drop of CBD tincture under the tongue for added relaxation. “When used topically, CBD can promote hydration, minimize moisture loss, and reduce muscle soreness and tension,” says Tamara Ische, director of spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles. “One small drop of CBD tincture under the tongue complements our massage therapy, enabling the spa team to bring a guest’s sense of serenity and relaxation to an entirely new level.”

Tip 4: Add CBD to your tea for a good night’s rest

At Chillhouse, a hip cafe-spa in NYC’s Lower East Side neighborhood, the $15 CBD Focus has become one of the more popular massage upgrades. “The combination of massage and CBD helps to more effectively reduce inflammation, relieve soreness, and encourages muscular recovery,” says Demetri Travlos, Chillhouse’s assistant general manager and lead licensed massage therapist. After your treatment, you can even order a CBD-spiked Arnold Palmer at Chillhouse’s coffee bar. As for an at-home chill experience, Travlos suggests having a topical CBD product on hand to help with sleep. “It's wonderful as a pain management alternative, non habit or tolerance-forming, and can be used in a targeted manner,” explains Travlos. “Some cannabidiol oil or cream on your trouble spots each night before sleep can help with chronic pain and also relax you enough to achieve a deeper sleep.”

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