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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Lowell Herb Co.’s David Elias On Accessibility In the Cannabis World

Lowell Herb Co.’s David Elias On Accessibility In the Cannabis World


Many first experiences with cannabis joints involve hanging out with friends, passing one around, covertly, in someone’s bedroom. And unless you or your friend were some kind of joint-crafting savants back then, they were probably rolled a bit clumsily, at best. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about mastering the art of rolling joints anymore, especially when a brand like Lowell Herb Co. exists.

About Lowell Herb Co.

The company is known for its stunningly hand-rolled joints—it’s no wonder that it’s the #1 pre-roll brand in the state of California. Not only is it one of the most stylish cannabis brands around, Lowell Herb Co. also prides itself on cultivating organically-grown, pesticide-free flower. To learn more about how Lowell Herb Co. is changing the cannabis industry, we spoke to CEO and co-founder, David Elias.

What is your personal relationship to cannabis?

I’ve always had a deep love for cannabis. It has been a significant part of my creative process for years. In 2015, I saw a need that wasn’t being filled and set out to create what would eventually become The Lowell Herb Company. I would watch my friends who consumed their favorite whiskey, wine, coffee and chocolate with elegant packaging and artisanal variations. I felt left out from the connoisseurism, as I was getting my favorite product from a plastic bag. As a long-time consumer of cannabis, it didn’t feel good for my favorite indulgence to be treated like a shameful, illicit experience while others were treated with respect and dignity.

What were you doing before launching Lowell Herb Co.?

Early in my career, I had creative roles at Nike and Dakota Films. For the rest of my adult life, I have been either a founder or investor in various internet and artisan product businesses. Whether it was coffee, marketing, or content, the common thread has been about bringing consumers the products they love in a better, more personal way.

How did your connection to cannabis continue to evolve?

Having empathy for cannabis consumers has been the driving force behind creating every Lowell product to date, and in creating some amazing new products you will see later in 2019. That goes for both experienced and new users of cannabis. You will see that we have cannabis blends with names like “The Happy Hybrid.” It helps new users find a product that will give them the desired effect. For the more experienced user, we always list the strains that make up the blend, so they can use that as a guide to their favorite Lowell packs. The brand was created for people who love high quality cannabis, and it will always will be about accessibility for everyone; that goes for pricing as well.

What’s your favorite product and why?

Our Variety Pack is my favorite—it’s a ⅛ pack with seven pre-rolls that include a mix of our best sativas, hybrids, and indicas. If you’re new user and want to try different strains to find the best cannabis for you, or if you’re a more experienced smoker and like various strains for different times in your day, the variety pack is an elegant solution. It really makes a thoughtful and practical gift for any cannabis consumer.

What’s a Good Strain for Someone Who is New to Cannabis to Start With?

For a cannabis novice, I would recommend most any indica strain. One of the more common complaints you hear from people who’ve tried cannabis and did not like it is that it caused anxiety or nervousness. A good Indica is more likely to create a relaxing, stress-free high. Additionally, choose a strain with a low THC percentage, like a Northern Lights or Purple Kush, that gives you a happy, relaxed, euphoric feeling. I would also recommend a percentage between 14% and 18% to start with, so you can ease into the high. And go slow: You can always smoke more—you can’t smoke less.

What changes in the cannabis industry do you hope to inspire through your brand?

We believe that who you buy from, and how they operate as a company, is as important as what you buy. As a leader in the industry, it is really important that Lowell sets ethical and environmental standards. That’s why we put our pledge on our packaging. It’s our hope that these kind of practices set standards for transparency in the industry.

What’s next for Lowell Herb Co.?

We recently launched a Variety Pack and our Quicks, which is a ⅛ pack that includes 10 shorter pro-rolls for people who like to take a few hits. We recently purchased a 63-acre farm in the Santa Ynez valley, and we plan to start growing there this summer. We were also recently awarded the first license for an onsite consumption lounge in West Hollywood, where we plan to create a luxurious destination for cannabis enjoyment. In 2019, you’ll see Lowell Smokes come to Canada, Oregon, and other destinations across North America.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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