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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Learn About Canna Hemp’s Mission of Bringing Wellness to the Masses

Learn About Canna Hemp’s Mission of Bringing Wellness to the Masses


When it comes to CBD brands, Canna Hemp has one of the most impressive product lines. The brand offers everything from CBD capsules, elixirs, topicals, and vape pens, to specific lines for pets and athletes. Wellness has been a primary focus for Chris Rebentisch, Canna Hemp’s USA chief operations officer, since the beginning of his career. After Rebentisch’s medical marijuana venture was raided in February 2016, he wasn’t able to participate in THC-related businesses afterward. “I would visit former patients’ houses and could see they were in pain. It was devastating,” Rebentisch says. At the same time, he noticed that there weren’t many CBD products available on the market for non-medical consumers, or high-CBD products with isolated terpenes. This inspired him to create Canna Hemp, with the goal of bringing organic wellness effects to help customers live their best lives.

Here, we talk to Rebentisch about his journey in the cannabis industry and why terpenes are just as important as CBD.

Interview with Canna Hemp's Chris Rebentisch

How did you get your start in the cannabis industry?
I was working in cosmetics manufacturing before I joined the cannabis industry, and I was always intrigued by the chemistry behind the products—specifically, the chemical compounds that made each product do what it was intended to do. I thought, well, you can use the same method with medicinal marijuana, so I started growing at a couple of grow houses and offered a medical marijuana delivery service. That is when I began cultivating CBD-dominant strains.

What is your personal relationship to cannabis?
Even though I wasn’t consuming cannabis at the time, I started growing the plant at age 14. I was attracted to the mystique of it, to the more rebellious aspect of the plant. I tried growing it during the summers in high school before I ever tried using it. But, digging deeper, when I think about cannabis I think of healing. It’s a natural supplement for relief from a number of ailments. The medicinal aspect of it—that it can comfort people—always intrigued me.

What are some of the most popular products in the line, and why do you think customers are responding well to those in particular?
We consistently receive rave reviews about our Canna Hemp Relief Cream and our Canna Hemp X Recovery Cream. It took a lot of time and energy to develop these products, and the end results are amazing. Everyone from industry professionals to first-time CBD consumers keep telling us how much these products have helped them, with everything from muscle aches and sores to nerve pain and migraine headaches. It’s really inspiring.

Our Canna Hemp CBD vape pens are also extremely popular, and I really believe it’s our unique TerpFX terpene blends that have made them such a hit. Instead of copying existing cannabis strains, we isolate specific terpenes for each variety to achieve the effects we’re looking for. It’s really what makes them stand out; I think our customers appreciate our commitment to providing top-notch natural wellness.

CBD is a huge trend across many categories right now, from beauty to wellness. How do you see it growing even further?
The beauty and wellness sectors haven’t even hit their limits with CBD yet. As the public becomes more knowledgeable about the science behind CBD and terpenes, I think we’re going to start seeing new kinds of products designed for specific demographics. For example, our Canna Hemp X brand recently launched CBD elixirs that were made specifically for athletes, with workout preparation and recovery in mind. The current hot trend is CBD in the food and beverage industry. Coffee shops are selling CBD lattes and bars are mixing up CBD cocktails. I think we’ll continue to see CBD oil popping up on menus across the country. We often share recipes using our CBD elixirs. And as more states continue to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, we’re going to see many more products that have both the CBD and THC cannabinoids. In fact, we just launched a number of products with varying THC:CBD ratios under our Canna Fused brand name.

Terpene education seems to be a big focus of the brand. How exactly do you choose to incorporate those in the Canna Hemp products—and have you found that certain terpenes work better together than others?
Studies have proven that the “Entourage Effect” does exist—that terpenes really do enhance the efficacy of CBD, and vice versa. That is why we isolate specific terpenes for our products instead of copying existing cannabis strains, as certain terpenes do work better together than others in terms of achieving desired effects. If we want a product to offer feelings of tranquility and calmness, we’re going to use terpenes such as linalool or b-pinene that offer anxiety relief and sedative effects. The terpene mixtures in our products are just as important as the CBD levels in them, if not more important.

What are some common misconceptions about using CBD for pets, and why was it important to have those products in the assortment?
The big misconception about CBD in general, but especially in using CBD for pets, is that it’s psychoactive—that it’s going to get your dog or your cat or your guinea pig “high.” This is simply not the case, unless you’re using CBD that has THC in it. Our products are THC-free and are completely safe for your pets. From the very beginning Canna Hemp has been committed to offering natural wellness alternatives that help consumers live better lives. Why not extend that well-being to our four-legged friends?

What changes in the cannabis industry do you hope to bring through your work?
Our goal is for our brands to be models of consistency and of superior quality. We want our customers to know that every time they touch our products, they will get relief. Our goal has always been to offer wellness and we want our customers to experience exactly that.

What’s next for Canna Hemp?
It’s been a whirlwind of growth for us lately. We’ve expanded our product lines. Our team of passionate CBD advocates has ballooned. Our reach, both in terms of brand recognition and retail distribution, continues to spread to markets across the country. And I don’t think we’re slowing down anytime soon. We want Canna Hemp to be a household name, synonymous with proven, natural CBD wellness. We understand that we can’t be closed off to any possibilities in this industry, as it is constantly evolving. And as it evolves, we will evolve, too.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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