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May 21, 2019
How Mr. Moxey’s Celebrates Cannabis’ Power


Interview with Tim Moxey

The story of Mr. Moxey’s Mints began in Seattle in 2014, two years after recreational cannabis became legal in Washington state. Founder Tim Moxey, who was born in the U.K., says he had been making microdosed edibles for years because it helped different aspects of his life “a little bit better,” from the mental to the physical. “There are times when I find cannabis helps me be in the moment,” Moxey explains. “At other times I become more objective and am more thoughtful. It also can help me sleep or deal with aches and pains.”

Moxey realized he could combine specific herbal blends (referred to as “herbal allies” by the brand) with cannabis or hemp to create mood state-driven products. Soon after, the mints found success in Washington, and the brand subsequently expanded to Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and now, California.

Ready to learn more about Tim Moxey and his fast-growing edibles brand? Check out our interview with him, below.

What is your personal relationship with cannabis?
I tried some really dodgy cannabis in England when I was 18. It wasn’t a very good feeling so tried it again 10 years ago when I was living in Seattle. It was a totally different experience, but too strong for me, and I didn’t like the smoking, so I started to make brownies at home—but done properly. Everything was measured precisely, but I’d intentionally make everything really weak, so I could get a really mild and uplifting effect, and not the overwhelming feeling you can often get with cannabis. Since then, I’ve found cannabis to be something to enjoy while chatting to a friend while walking ‘round the local lake, or for taking stress out of a long day.

What sets Mr. Moxey’s apart from other cannabis edible brands?
First, we’re the only brand committed to microdosing. Nothing we make is over 5mg THC, and some products have no THC, and are all CBD. For me, it’s really important to know that everything we do is safe, even for a person who’s new to cannabis. But also, our herbal blends are unique—people don’t simply want “cannabis,” they want cannabis for a reason, and we’re focused on making products that deliver the mood-state described. That’s pretty powerful, and hearing from people who use them makes it all worthwhile.

Do you have advice for customers who new to, and hesitant about, cannabis edibles?
If you’re nervous, try one or two of our 5mg CBD mints, which contain only 1mg of THC. If you have one, you’ll feel more relaxed and less anxious; if you have two, the same, but a little more. But for most people, 5mg is a nice place to start: it’s still very sublime, but more noticeable. My top advice, though, is to relax. We’re all so tense and stressed, and I think it’s really helpful, and healthy, to slow down. Cannabis can help with that but it starts with us.

How did you select the “herbal allies” you’ve incorporated into the mints?
Since the mints were for me and the other staff, we all got together and talked about [herbal] formulas we’d each found helpful in keeping us well. We’d test the blends and pick the ones that worked, which, if you think about it, is a pretty great way to develop things. Since then, we’ve introduced a local herbalist to develop new blends, like our new high-CBD “Zen,” and to refine and improve the original blends. We spend a lot of time ensuring all the herbs balance with each other and bring out the benefits of the CBD and THC. When you get that right, it’s magic.

What are some of your favorite Mr. Moxey’s products?
I really enjoy our mints which have a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. There’s a lovely synergistic effect between the two, and when you throw in the herbs we have picked out, the overall effect can really brighten your day. I also use a new CBD salve that will be launching shortly, and a THC version is also on the way. It helps loads with aching muscles after running, and lets me recover faster.

What changes in the cannabis industry do you hope to inspire through your brand?
We are at a critical point now where people are going to be rushing into cannabis to find something that works for them or meets their needs. I really hope we can inspire others in the industry to create the products and brands that reflect this next chapter in cannabis. Brands that speak to their customers, and would look just as at home in a health foods grocery store as they do in a dispensary. All of us in the industry have a responsibility to show the world that cannabis products can be a normal part of everyday life.

What’s next for Mr. Moxey’s?
We are working on so much right now, it’s a little dizzying to think about, but we’re working on some new products that embody the best from what we have learned in microdosing and herbal wellness. A few of these products will be launched in states with legal cannabis laws, and a few other products that expand on our hemp-derived CBD line will be coming out very soon online. People around the country should also keep an eye out for Mr. Moxey’s products coming to more states as cannabis continues to be legalized across the country and, one day, federally.

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