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September 30, 2019
Pot Hack: Sleep More Soundly


Dreaming of dreamier shut-eye? Harness the calming properties of pot with this trifecta of ingenious, snooze-inducing hacks, ahead from MedMen.

Rest On It

Fried after a long day? When your mind is racing but your body is dreaming of actual dreaming, tune out the noise with a [statemade] zen pre-roll, available exclusively at MedMen. Fragrant with notes of vanilla and moss, zen might just become your new nightcap—a comforting, consciousness-minded way to end the day.

Wind Down

Beset by jet lag? When grogginess is not an option and tranquility is the goal, opt for the Beboe Downtime Indica Mini Pen. Packaged in a discreet, petite vaporizer, it’s your trusty tool for winding down, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Hit The Hay

Having hardcore insomnia? The [statemade] zzz vaporizer pen, available exclusively at MedMen, offers a quality dose of sleep-inducing indica, wrapped in comforting cocoa notes. Designed with slumber in mind, it’s slender and sleek—just the thing to keep stashed in your nightstand.

This story and many more are available in the Fall "Freedom" issue of EMBER magazine. You can grab a copy at your local MedMen store, Barnes and Noble, or Hudson News.

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