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EMBER / Guides
January 22, 2019
Which Strains and Activities Pair Well Together?


While seasoned cannabis enthusiasts tend to be quite knowledgeable about marijuana and the myriad strains and effects out there, new and occasional dabblers alike may have more limited intel on the plant’s different strains. People are becoming increasingly interested in cannabis for daily use, and which variety you choose to smoke, eat, or otherwise ingest at any given moment can enhance your experience based on which activity you pair it with.

“Cannabis can become somewhat of a choose-your-own-adventure when it comes to strains and your method of consumption,” says Victoria Ashley, founder of Laundry Day, a design-forward line of smokeware. “There’s a time and place for whichever method you prefer, whether that be through inhalation or ingestion, and the same goes for the strain you decide to experience.”

The two major strains, Indica and Sativa, come in a wide array of cannabis products and have a wildly different range of effects on the body and mind. Indica tends to create a deep body relaxation and Sativa tends to be more energizing. Then there are offshoots of each strain, which have more specific benefits. If you’re just beginning, the options may feel overwhelming. Ashley suggests taking it slow, and experimenting with small doses of different strains to see how they affect your body and mind. While you’re experimenting, it can be helpful to know how other people use particular strains to really elevate a particular situation or experience. Ahead, Ashley shares some of her go-to strains for everything from lowkey couch vegging to an all-out cleaning marathon.

For Netflix binges: Northern Lights (Indica)
Ashley most often uses cannabis to wind down at night. If she’s planning a Netflix binge of her favorite show or doing some meditative stretching, she’ll use an Indica strain. “Indica is known to provide more physically-felt relaxing effects,” she says. Many people like the Northern Lights strain to relax into an especially comfortable, lazy feeling.

For hanging out with friends: Vortex (Sativa)
If a fun night out is your goal, Ashley suggests a Sativa strain. “Sativa is known to be more of an uplifting and energizing strain,” she says. “It makes a great choice as a social option and a great alternative to drinking when out with friends.” The Vortex strain of sativa is a popular option for socializing, thanks to the rush of euphoria it tends to induce.

For cleaning: Sour Diesel (Sativa)
If you’re looking for a productive high, you want a Sativa strain, and Ashley personally digs Sour Diesel. “I've never cleaned my office better or more happily than after a few puffs of Sour Diesel Sativa,” she says.

For sex: Pink Kush (Indica-dominant hybrid)
“When it comes to a more intimate setting, whether that's alone with your favorite toy or getting close with your partner, a hybrid can work wonders,” Ashley says. She prefers the Indica dominant hybrid Pink Kush. For women, especially, a few hits of Pink Kush can help get out of their heads and into their bodies and therefore make sex more pleasurable. “We all know that mental blocks affect our personal pleasure during sex,” she says. “I find that smoking beforehand allows me to tune into my body and it gives me the ability to really engage in the experience and create really elevated sensations.”

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