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May 04, 2019
What is the Strongest Cannabis Strain?


The Most Potent Cannabis Strains Known to Man

As you’re probably well aware by now, weed has gotten far more potent over the years. That joint you remember smoking with your friends one summer night in 2003? You probably got high out of your mind, but it may have very well contained less than 5 percent THC, as the average that year was just 4.8%. But it would soon increase. In 2014, it was 12%. And it’s only getting higher. In fact, it’s rare to find THC content today that clocks in at less than 20%. So, what is considered a “high THC” strain? Usually 18-20%. (Though that may not be the case for long, considering how fast the average potency is accelerating).

There are a couple of legendary cannabis strains with high THC content, such as Sour Diesel, which usually comes in above 20%, and White Fire OG, which can go up to 28%. Clearly, these strains are not for the cannabis faint of heart. And while strains are getting progressively more potent over time (there has even been one strain in Oregon that measured in at nearly 38%), cannabis connoisseurs should consider experimenting with one of the strongest strains in the world, known as Nova OG.

Nova OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that has tested at 32%. Boasting a spicy, citrus scent, it’s a strain that can bring on a surge of euphoria while quickly knocking you off your feet, helping to relieve chronic pain and aiding in any sleep disorders. (It goes without saying that Nova OG is definitely a nighttime strain.) Curious? You can experience a hybrid of the strain at MedMen, called Nova Cane. It’s from from the award-winning Team Elite Genetics and tests at 33%.

If you want to test your wits with Nova Cane, head to your nearest MedMen cannabis dispensary

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