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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

A Cannabis-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Cannabis-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Moms should be celebrated on the regular, but Mother’s Day is a chance for you to go all out and make the maternal figure(s) in your life feel particularly special. Sure, you can give a nice piece of jewelry or send flowers, yet again. But why not give the gift of wellness and relaxation this time around, in the form of cannabis? Whether you’ll be gifting your own mom, grandma, a friend that’s a new mother, or dog mom, cannabis-themed gifts from MedMen will show them just how much you care.

From CBD chocolate to weed perfume, shop these cannabis gift ideas at your nearest MedMen retailer.

Cannabis-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

Care By Design 18:1 Soft Gel Capsules
Wellness-loving moms will appreciate Care By Design’s approach to full-spectrum CBD products. If she prefers the benefits of cannabis without psychoactivity, a high CBD, low THC ratio product like Care By Design 18:1 capsule would make the ideal gift.

Apothecanna Calming Body Creme
Any mom (or any person, for that matter) can benefit from Apothecanna’s calming and cannabis-packed line of skin care. Along with stress-quelling, anti-inflammatory cannabis, this body creme contains ingredients such as soothing lavender, relaxing chamomile, and the anxiety-relieving frankincense.

Dark Chocolate 1:1 CBD - Espresso
Does your grandma have a serious sweet tooth? Treat her to some Kiva chocolate. Not only does this beautifully packaged bar have the perfect balance of CBD and THC, it’s incredibly delicious too.

Victorine Dusted Perfume
Sure, perfumes might seem like a pretty obvious Mother’s Day present, but we’ll bet you’d be spicing things up with the gift of cannabis perfume. Victorine is the first-ever cannabis fragrance, and it combines the healing benefits of cannabis with a luxurious scent.

Kikoko Positivi-Tea - Tin
If you’ve got a mom friend who really adores tea, pick up some Kikoko for her. The brand’s Positive-Tea blend contains 10mg THC and 5mg CBD in each bag, and is known to produce good moods and giggle fits, which should make post-dinner tea time significantly more entertaining.

Humboldt Apothecary Relax CBD
Sometimes, motherhood means any and every bit of help when trying to chill out is very welcome. Humboldt Apothecary makes it easy to unwind to with this 3:1 tincture, which can be taken directly under the tongue, or perhaps added to her favorite smoothie.

Canndescent Stylus
Moms who love to vape can do so in style with Canndescent's Stylus Pen. Don’t forget to grab a couple of cartridges, depending on whether she wants a chill indica, like Calm, or a more energetic sativa, like Charge.

Dr. Kerklaan Natural Sleep Cream
Any mom, especially a new one, could likely use more sleep. This full-spectrum sleep cream from Kerklaan Therapeutics can help relax and ease muscles, and calm any stress and anxiety.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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