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June 21, 2019
Your Guide to the Ultimate Cannabis Brunch


Hosting loved ones for all sorts of gatherings is always a good (and very appreciated!) idea. But with warmer weather (hello, summer!) comes opportunities to host more get-togethers for friends, family, and co-workers. Instead of a typical dinner or nighttime party, why not throw a soirée during the day—like a brunch—to make the most of sunny days? Better yet, bring some cannabis into the mix. For pals that are always up for a puff before a great meal and definitely enjoy the prospect of a CBD-packed beverage, a cannabis-themed brunch is sure to impress.

Whether you want to be literal with the theme and make cannabis foods, or maybe just offer up some edibles made with brunch-friendly strains, a cannabis brunch is a unique, creative way to get everyone together and kick off what will be a truly memorable summer. Here are four tips on how to plan the ideal cannabis brunch.

Best Cannabis Brunch Ideas

Choose your menu
The first component to consider when planning your epic morning feast is, of course, the food. If you’re a culinary wiz who already has a list of crowd-pleasing brunch recipes, you can still turn to those and just add cannabis to the recipe! Simply substitute regular oil and butter for cannabis-infusedoil and butter, both of which are fairly easy to make and should feel familiar even if your culinary experience has been limited to non-cannabis foods. Are you a waffle wunderkind? A pancake pundit? Cannabis butter, CBD honey, or THC syrup can instantly turn a crowd-pleasing brunch dish into a delectable cannabis creation.

Sip on a CBD coffee or spritz
Forgo the alcohol that comes with a mimosa or Bloody Mary and go for a CBD-infused drink. Of course, CBD coffee is fairly easy to find these days, thanks to blends from brands like Strava Craft Coffee. But you can also easily add a couple drops of CBD (or THC, if you want to get the psychoactive effects, too) tincture to your latte or cappuccino, as well. For non-caffeinated beverages, and something that leans similar to your favorite bottomless brunch mimosa, switch out champagne for a Sprig beverage and mix with orange or pineapple juice for a refreshing CBD spritz.

BYOB – Bring Your Own Brunch
Who says you have to do all the cooking? Have each friend bring a brunch dish or brunch-friendly dessert, upgrade with a CBD or THC tincture, and all of a sudden, you’ve got a wide array of dishes to enjoy. Kind of brings a new meaning to the word “potluck,” huh?

Take something home
Leftovers as a party favor are (or at least should be) a given. But a great host will gift their guests with a little something extra to take home, and there are plenty of cannabis-centric options. Try a MedMen disposable vape or an edible you’ve been digging lately. A thank you note attached to a single Lowell Farms joint also shows your appreciation. Tie it with a piece of gingham ribbon for a particularly Instagram-friendly, brunch-themed touch.

Shop MedMen and start prepping for your next event now.

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