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November 04, 2019
Next-Level Coffee and Doughnuts


Mornings can be tough, but thankfully the combination of life-giving coffee and decadent doughnuts have been helping us power through for decades. For those of us who need an extra jolt, we’ve now turned this power duo into a trio by adding cannabis to the morning mix. The powerful plant is known to aid focus and enhance creativity, perfectly preparing you for anything that comes your way throughout the day.

Ahead, Coda Signature shows us how to pair the flavors of coffee, doughnuts and cannabis for an infused delicacy that provides energy, reduces stress, and helps you tackle the day like a boss.

Serving Size 1, 10mg THC per serving


  1. Coffee & Doughnuts chocolate bar, 100mg THC (available at MedMen)

  2. Coffee

  3. Whipped Cream

  4. Caramel Sauce (optional)


  • Brew your favorite coffee roast.

  • Place one 10mg THC square of Coffee & Doughnuts chocolate to the bottom of a mug.

  • Pour the hot coffee over the chocolate and stir until mixed.

  • Top with whipped cream and caramel sauce for additional sweetness.

This recipe makes 1 cup of coffee.

About Coda Signature: Coda Signature creates cannabis infused products full of inspiration and imagination; representing decades of collective experience ranging from organic chemistry and classical French training to industrial design and entrepreneurship. Their team embodies many elements - knowledge, passion, courage, and whimsy - working in concert to achieve proper execution every time. Find out more at and pick up their range of chocolate bars at any of MedMen’s California locations.

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