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August 21, 2019
Here's How to Make a Delicious CBD Infused Coffee


During the drowsiest dog days of summer, when it’s unbelievably humid and the sun is scorching, there’s nothing like enjoying a beverage that melds two refreshing staples: delicious java and cooling mint. Scratch that—you know what’ll make that invigorating concoction even better? Adding some CBD oil, to help you relax and chill out.

How To Make CBD Coffee

Instead of heading to a coffee shop to get your caffeine fix, you can easily make your own iced mint coffee right at home. All you need to make it happen? A few simple ingredients for the caffeinated component (don’t worry, we’ll talk you through how to make iced coffee at home) and your favorite tincture on hand. Basically, get ready to be your own CBD barista. Ahead, a CBD-infused iced mint coffee recipe that makes for the perfect treat for a hot summer afternoon. Because CBD with coffee is a very good idea.

CBD Mint Iced Coffe

8 oz. freshly brewed coffee
2 sprigs fresh mint leaves
2 tsp. sugar or sweetener of your choice
2 tbsp. cream or milk of your choice
1 cup ice cubes
Your favorite CBD oil from MedMen

In a glass jar, gently muddle the leaves of one mint sprig with the sugar, allowing the fragrant mint oil to be released.

Pour coffee, ice, and cream into a blender, Magic Bullet, or cocktail shaker. Add mint mixture.

Add 1-2 full droppers of CBD oil, depending on desired dosage. Blend or shake.

Pour back into glass jar, and add another sprig of mint for garnish. Enjoy!

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