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April 20, 2021
America's Most Blunted 420 Playlist by the MedMen Team

Lay back, shop our 420 deals, and spark up. We're having a celebration.

Happy 420! What’s the point of being aggressively high all day today without a mildly non sequitur playlist to listen to? How’re you supposed to know how to feel without a soundtrack? You’re not. Let us tell you how to feel with this 420 playlist curated by yours truly, the MedMen team.

From MF DOOM to DJ Screw to Spacemen 3, you’re bound to find the perfect soundtrack to your 420 smoke sesh. Or any smoke sesh. If we’re missing your favorite 420 artist, that’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing you can do because we don’t have a comment section. Internalize it. Move on. Smoke weed every day.

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